Easily offended? Words which should be reclassified.

Written by Lucyacton

In modern day society, words are dropped with no thought whatsoever as to what they really mean or the effect they will have.

In modern day society, words are dropped with no thought whatsoever as to what they really mean or the effect they will have. Regularly me and my friends will call each other ‘sluts’ and even answer the phone ‘Yo Hoe bag’… If you think about this, these are very offensive words but in my opinion due to 21st century ‘banter’, they are used by many as a joke rather than an offensive word. Now and then we come across words that make us shake with anger and well, really they ought to be seen as offensive and don’t worry I’m not talking about sexist words; I’m talking about the things we hear or say in everyday conversation. You could say that the English language has become distorted as words like ‘Bitch’ is now used by women to express hate but also to bring a group together and give them power. 

1) Plus Size. No they are not ‘plus sized’ they just aren’t a size 8. There isn’t a definite size that anyone should be so how can we have a ‘plus size’? When a woman who is a size 12 or over lands a modeling contract she’s plus sized. Can’t we just stick to model? 
2) MILF. MILF is otherwise known as a mother I’d like to (have sexual intercourse with)… Sorry where is the respect towards mothers? Telling a lady she looks beautiful would suffice.
3) Cougar. Some women love this description but come on look at these women. A cougar is a woman over 40 who like younger men. Imagine being called this constantly… If you think about it, what would a 40 year man who constantly took a shine to younger women be called?
4) Gold Digger. We all go into relationships for different reasons and just because someone isn’t making the same amount of money as their partner, doesn’t mean that they deserve the money-hungry label. Ever heard of love. 
5) Camel Toe. Since when was it so important to point out tiny little visible lines around a women’s vagina and liken them to a mammal’s foot. Let a woman wear whatever they want to. 
6) Meh. A young person’s response to not wanting to do something. Imagine if everyone said this to your face, EVERYDAY. How incredibly rude and lazy.
7) Booty call. Imagine if you heard someone referring to you as ‘Oh she’s just a booty call’… Think about it. They only want you for a quick tumble around. Whilst you might have agreed this, to be referred to this is quite offensive. 
8) Gannet. My nan once called me a gannet after eating quite a lot at Pizza Hut buffet (that’s the whole point) at the time I laughed it off but actually she was saying that I eat tons and don’t stop. Hmm offensive. 
9) Broad. Now calling someone broad shouldered is just another way of saying wide.
10) Big boned. Again this is just another way of saying ‘look babe you’re heavy’.
11) Shut up. My mum always told me never to tell anyone to shut up because if you think about it, you have no right to tell someone to stop talking. I think Shut up said in a jokey ‘Essex’ way is fine but in a serious argumentative way, no that’s just not okay.
12) Whatever. To reply to someone’s opinion as ‘yeah whatever’. This shoots attitude that only a 13 year old girl with thick black eye-liner can give. 
So there we are, a list of words that aren’t classed as offensive at all, but really they are offensive and shouldn’t be used as freely as they are. As the years go on, I’m sure more words will lose their true meaning and more words will continue to be used without a flicker of thought. 
What words do you think should be added to the list? Do you find these words offensive? Have your say in the comments section.
Image by: KAZVorpal