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Dating apps: Can they help you find true love?

There is still a stigma around online dating, whether we like it or not.

There is still a stigma around online dating, whether we like it or not. Words like “desperate” and “lazy” swim to the forefront of our minds as we imagine overweight 30-somethings sitting alone eating Doritos with their computers on their laps, continually clicking refresh on their online dating profile.

Nowadays, however, it’s not so much online dating that has taken in the 20-something generation, it is dating apps. Not only are they less intrusive than online dating which requires a bio, photos, likes and dislikes, blood type etc., apps are far easier and quicker to use – “One swipe and you’re done!”. Hence the appeal to a 22 year old who barely has time for the gym, let alone finding a suitable man to go to Christmas markets with.

Let this not fool you into thinking that dating apps are by any means “safe” or “normal”. In fact, the easier they are to download, the more likely you are to find absolute idiots on them. Let’s be honest here, 90 per cent of the people on dating apps are certified freaks. And even the ones that seem normal enough to go on a date with may reveal a hidden past that will have you running for the last train faster than you can say, “Thanks for dinner.”

Can an app result in true love?

This is not today that successful relationships cannot be founded through dating apps. In fact, I know a lovely couple that met through an app, and who are properly in love. To be fair, it is just the one couple. For most of my friends, online dating is a tool used for quick and easy dates that may or may not end up in the bedroom. You can imagine one of my friend’s horror therefore when she secured a date in under 15 minutes, only to find that later that evening he had a particularly, ahem, soft touch.

If you’ve read my articles for Kettle before, you will know that I am nothing if not thorough when it comes to researching the topics that I choose to write about. Bearing this in mind, I thought the only fair way to get a true sense of dating via an app, would be to download a couple myself. Please see my findings below.

Exhibit A: Overshare Extraordinaire

Exhibit B: When a person lives up to their name
Exhibit C: Undiluted Crazy

Exhibit D: People still use chat up lines, apparently

From Exhibit A through to Exhibit D, you can see that there is a certain kind of man that is attracted to the realms of dating apps. The screen shots I’ve included are not the worst things that people have said to me, merely the funniest. A common trend on dating apps is this phrase: “I’m not looking for anything serious.”

Well, neither am I, I’m doing this for a social experiment, but I won’t just come out and tell a stranger that on an app. Generally men on dating apps can be put into two camps: in it to win it or ego boost. The first type of man will go on a date with you to see if there is potential for getting lucky. The second type of man will flirt his little butt off but will never ever ask you out.

So, would I recommend dating apps? Generally, they’re a bit of fun, but in order to really dive deep into whether apps are the modern dating tool, I guess I’m going to have to get out there and go on some dates. Shall we say seven? Wish me luck!