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Cheltenham Science Festival Preview

Written by LJayne26

Cheltenham Science Festival once again returns to the town for another 6 days of fun & education this June.

Each year the event features a whole host of talks, demos and topical debates for all ages, plus a whole load of free about town events.

This year there seems to be a real focus on people; themes including everything from mental health, to how we act & behave, to our relationships with each other are present across so many of the events.

Alongside all of this there plenty of talks on entertainment, politics as well as some proper science to really make you think.

But with so much on offer it’s hard to know where to start! We’ve picked our top 5 events we think you should check out this year:

The Science of Star Wars

Can you build a lightsaber? What is the Force? How powerful was the Death Star and is the Millennium Falcon the coolest spaceship ever? The Science of Star Wars sets out to give fans old and new the chance to get some answers to those all important Star Wars questions they’ve been thinking about for years, the science side of them at least. With the recent release of Solo this is sure to be a popular event.

Over Ambitious Demo Challenge

One of the highlights of Cheltenham Science Festival each year, the Over Ambitious Demo Challenge sets out to find the most impressive, entertaining and sometimes mind boggling science demo for 2018. If last years is anything to go by then this is something you really don’t want to miss out on; you’ll be impressed.

The Science of Swearing

Science isn’t all test tubes and technology! The science of language and how humans communicate with each other fits right in with the 2018 recurring theme of humans and human nature. The Science of Swearing is set to take a funny look at how swearing has developed and the way in which it has an effect, positive and negative, on our lives.

The Science of Donald Trump

The man of the moment, somewhat. Neuroscientist Dean Burnett, freelance writer and Head of Product at Factmata Martin Robbins, security specialist Dan Kaszeta and climate scientist Tamsin Edwards set to take on the challenge of figuring out how Trump’s personality and actions are having an effect on the world, its people and its climate. We don’t envy them taking on that challange at all.

Free Event – Stargazing in the Gardens

Each year the Cotswold Astronomical Society give visitors the chance to get their hands on a telescope and find out more about the stars, space and the universe. The popular event is back again for 2018 taking place across two nights during the festival. Head on down for sure.

Take a look at what else is on offer this year: www.cheltenhamfestivals.com