10 janitorial supplies your business needs

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Written by Nigel Simpkins

Regardless of what your business does, as long as you have a physical headquarters, you’ll find yourself in need of janitorial supplies to keep your work environment in the best condition. After all, a clean and tidy office contributes to a positive working environment for your employees, while the opposite can have a surprisingly significant negative impact.

Keeping your office well-stocked with tools and supplies for cleaning purposes requires a slightly different approach to the one you might take for your own home. Most importantly, it’s not an option to just wait until there’s a problem before going out and buying the supplies to get it sorted. Cleaning in the workplace needs to be pro-active, and you’ll need these ten essential items if you want to be prepared for all eventualities.

Mop and bucket

Among the most important janitorial supplies will be a mop and bucket, a tried-and-tested, all-round solution for cleaning most types of hard floors effectively. Plastic or stainless steel buckets are both standard, while mops vary when it comes to the materials used to make them and their effectiveness on different surfaces.

Window cleaning equipment

Specialised equipment for cleaning glass windows is something that many businesses overlook, but this is a vital consideration whenever you want to make a good impression, especially when customers are visiting your premises. Window cleaning pads and squeegees are often replaceable and separate to the extendable poles they attach to, so you may want to have a variety of compatible elements that work for windows at different heights.

Bins and bin bags

To ensure there is no unnecessary litter creating an eyesore or a hazard in your workplace, adequate bins to dispose of unwanted litter are essential. If you have different sizes or types of bins in different locations, you will most likely need an ongoing supply of bin bags in various sizes to match them.

Dusters and cloths

Hand-held cloths and dusters are inexpensive but invaluable when it comes to cleaning in most office environments. They can be washed and reused, but to make sure they are always readily available, you should keep plenty in stock.

Large broom

Another staple of any janitor’s cupboard will be a large broom, which usually comes in handy when sweeping large areas. The foyer or entrance to your building might benefit from a regular sweep as debris from outside can easily build up. Don’t forget the exterior of your building too, such as the car park.

Smaller brushes

The same problem with excess debris such as fibres and leaves might occur throughout your business’ indoor space, but a large broom is not always a practical solution in smaller spaces. For these instances, you might require a smaller dustpan and brush, or a broom with a retractable handle.

Paper towels

In kitchens and bathrooms, paper towels will typically get used quickly in any workplace. Ensure you have plenty of supplies to replace them when needed, considering the size of roll you might require if you have any dispensers fitted. These are often used during cleaning which can make your supplies run low faster.

Protective clothing

For many cleaning jobs, the more hygienic and less unpleasant option is to wear disposable gloves, and sometimes other items such as a mask, apron, coveralls or eye protection depending on the task. Ensure you have appropriate supplies for any regular tasks that form part of your business’ cleaning routine, in a range of sizes if applicable.

Steps or ladders

Depending on the design of your offices or other work areas, there might sometimes be a need for your cleaning staff to reach a little higher. It’s not just vacuuming to consider, but occasionally more thorough cleaning might be needed in hard-to-reach areas. Appropriate ladders (usually the kind that can be safely handled by one person) are important to have on standby for those times.

Caution cones

Signage is important when it comes to safety while cleaning, especially when wet floors and surfaces are involved. To ensure your cleaning process doesn’t interfere with the daily routine of the rest of your employees, and more importantly to minimise the risk of accidents, plastic caution cones are usually the best option. That way everyone can be made aware of cleaning happening in a designated area.