Five things every ill student should stock up on

Written by Hayley Scott

There is nothing worse than being ill but being ill when you are at university and alone in your dorm can make any situation ten times worse.

Especially when there is no mum and no chicken soup in sight, you have flown the nest and now it is up to you alone to try and make yourself feel better.

The five things that every student should have in their cupboards to help them combat the dreaded flu and cold;

Hot water bottle

For the moments that you feel like you are in the Arctic, a hot water bottle will become your new best friend. It can heat up your bed and also yourself. When you are shivering a little bit of warmth will help you warm up without the mountain of suffocating blankets on you.

Flu tablets

Medication will always help you try and get an all in one that can help you combat a range of different symptoms of a sore throat to feeling achy all over. You usually take these every four hours and will help fight off the army of germs that are invading your body.

Fresh orange juice

Vitamin C is always a good idea, but fresh orange juice is sometimes nice when all you have been drinking all day is water. A different taste is a nice change and can be very refreshing, especially if you have a sore throat. It is important to stay hydrated as if you have the flu you can sweat a lot and it is essential to replace the lost fluid.

Ice pops

Usually, when you are ill from the flu, your whole body feels like it is on fire one moment and then switches to freezing cold the next. Something that can help with a sore throat and keep you hydrated is ice pops, these little gems will help soothe the burning sharp feeling. Your appetite usually goes when ill but ice pops are just a good thing to help with your temperature as well.


When you are burning up a good old-fashioned washcloth will always do the trick. Controlling your temperature and trying to get it down will help you feel better.

Keep an eye on your temperature and measure it with a thermometer which you can buy at any local chemist. It is important to keep an eye on your body temperature so you do not get a dangerously high fever.

– Normal body temperature is usually about 37°C,
– 38-39°C is considered a mild fever
– 40°C or higher is a high fever that requires medical attention
– 42.4°C or higher is dangerously higher that needs urgent medical attention quickly.