What to consider when selecting entry doors design

Written by Nigel Simpkins

How to Choose Entry Doors Design In 2020

Design is paramount for modern homes. Even if you live in an old house, you will want it to have a modern touch. One way of doing that is by adding style to your entry doors. Generally, entry doors are conspicuous and are often the first thing people notice when they enter your compound.

You do not have to be complicated to look modern. There are simple ideas you can use and have your entry doors get that look you desire. Here are some ideas from Total Home Windows and Doors. Take a gander

1- Use of Bright Colors

Avoid using dull colors on your door. Instead, use vibrant ones in contrast to your home. Do not choose a color that is way off that of the entire property. You can also match it with your outdoor vegetation or the interior of your house if the external building material looks dull.

2- Seeing Through

Modern entry doors are embracing the use of glass panels. Some have parts completed with glass while others are full glass. If you are concerned about privacy, don’t be. These doors have glass patterns that allow light in but prevent people from seeing inside your house.

Mirrored glass is another option you can have for your door. Glass made doors are safe like other solid doors. They are a great aesthetic option.

3- Minimal Impact

Minimalistic designs have been replacing bulky ones since the 1900s. Choose a sleek design such as flush and pivot doors. These exterior doors create a calm impression and are easy to operate.

4- Geometric Designs

Geometric patterns add style to your minimalist door. Some of the available patterns include:

  • Laser curved designs
  • Embossed patterns
  • Use of alternate materials
  • Direction of grain

In modern times, the use of patterns is more adventurous. That is, you are not limited to particular options, but you can create one that makes you feel happy.

5- Metallic Flourishes

Currently, people are quickly embracing other materials for their exterior doors. Designs too have become more flexible, and metal is becoming a popular design. In 2020, arcs of metal are being utilized widely in designing entry doors.

6- Unorthodox Materials

Unorthodox materials are those that are not commonly used in making entry doors. If you want to have an outstanding design in 2020, make use of these materials. You can use metal as a canvas to create an impressive impression for your house.

Other than metal canvas, bricks and stone can add a lasting impression by using laser carving on them.

7- A Handle on Door Design

Handles can seem like they do not have a significant impact on your door. Truth is, they contribute to its aesthetics. Whether you prefer knobs or handles, consider those with contemporary designs. You can become creative with your handle and ask your manufacturer to create you a personalized handle.

Another trend in 2020 is the use of handless entry doors. Homeowners are making use of electronic keypads. To operate them, you use fingerprint recognition, key fob, and number entry.

Knowing Your Tastes

Today, we have many door design choices than ever. Some are pre-manufactured, while others are custom made. Because you are not limited to any design, you can take your time to come up with a design that you feel will complement your home.

Next, consider the material that you want to have it made from. Ensure you use an unorthodox one since you want a modern design.

Look into your budget and see whether it allows you to have your design. If it is more than your budget, you can consider a different material with another design.

Look for a contractor who will install the door for you if you. Make sure they are helpful from the start. If you notice some reluctance, know that you cannot rely on your contractor and find another one.

Give your home a modern look by simply changing your entry door. It will also look more valuable.