Captivating and comical: Master of None reviewed

Featuring love, loss and laughter, Aziz Ansari’s Master of None is pure genius. The show, which was voted best comedy series at the Critics’ Choice Awards 2016, plays on the idea of a single 30-year old man living in New York City. Indian-American comedian Aziz Ansari, who both wrote the series and plays the main character Dev Shah in the show, is a failing actor looking for love and struggling to make life decisions.

His life is portrayed as messy and unsettled, which results in a good watch for the viewers. From the first episode onwards, his character is lovable and at times a little gawky, which is light-years away from his best-known role as Tom Haverford in NBC series Parks and Recreation. He captures the audience in his stories and makes you want to give him a hug and tell him everything will work out.

Addressing important issues through humour

It is hard not to compare the laid-back lifestyle Dev leads to that of the infamous TV sit-com Friends, yet it seems that this Netflix Original Series has managed to take a similar style of show and put a twist on it, by addressing important issues whilst having fun.


In each episode, Dev and his friends explore a serious subject ranging from hard-hitting topics such as immigration, to the more trivial such as taking a girl on a first date. His friendship group features a diverse mix of characters; Denise, an openly gay woman, Brian, of Chinese descent, and Arnold, a giant of a man with a very camp personality and an extreme love for bouncy castles. The differences between these characters supports the show’s mission to help wipe out stereotypes, and this is done well throughout.

Strong connection

Although some scenes feel a little staged, Noel Wells, who plays Dev’s girlfriend, Rachel, makes up for it, as she seems to relax into her role from the very beginning. The two bounce off each other, using sarcastic comments and poking fun at each other. When the couple split in the final episode, you as a viewer feel the loss as though you had really connected with the pair of them, which may be down to the fact that you see their ups and downs from start to finish.

Any faults are overlooked by the clever use of serious scenes contrasted with more upbeat scenes, complimenting the show as a whole. Unlike many other sit-coms, it portrays a life that the viewer can relate to, making you laugh and sympathise with these great characters.

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