Review: The 5th Wave

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Written by Rae Coppola

The 5th Wave is a missed opportunity, that despite showing promise, especially since it was taking influences from such a popular novel, just ended up falling flat on its face. It began well with an interesting premise continuing up to the half hour mark, showing the first, second and third waves of an imminent alien invasion. But after that, little to no execution of the plot occurred and all aspects became predictable.

The majority of the film showed the under-characterised Cassie, Chloe Grace Moretz, walking from A to B with limited dialogue, only becoming vaguely entertaining when she became involved in an attempt of romance and a somewhat forced love triangle. Again, somewhat imitating the Twilight saga with a generic teenage love stereotype.

Forced and predictable

Other than that, aspects of action were included. However, they were predictable and nothing more than what was already shown in the trailer. Even the explosions didn’t shake the audience as they were five steps ahead of the game and could guess everything that was about to happen.

It’s obvious that the novel was aimed at the young adult audience as it has a childish take whereby it’s the children and teenagers who save the day. Ironically enough, if you’re over the film certificate age of 15 you will feel too old to be watching the film.

Loopholes were prominent throughout too. Cassie apparently had no idea that her school-crush Ben Parrish (Nick Robinson) is alive, yet he gets off the same bus as her brother when they are unloaded at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, whom she surely would have noticed since she was on that bus for a moment herself. Also, it’s the end of the world, but characters still opt to spend time applying red lipstick and heavy eyeliner?

Questions left unanswered 

Surely J Blakeson could have made The 5th Wave at least more realistic by fixing those simple things and ensuring the film was refined before release.

The film ended somewhat happily but with too many lose ends not tied up. Questions were left unanswered and the audience were forced to leave the cinema feeling confused.

It can only be hoped that due to the box office failure, a sequel is not on the cards.

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