And the ten worst celebrities of all time are…

The celebrity phenomenon is increasingly becoming stretched due to the new craze of people being famous for being famous.

The celebrity phenomenon is increasingly becoming stretched due to the new craze of people being famous for being famous. To me, a great celebrity is someone who has worked for their name, worked their way up in the industry and is someone that the younger generation can look up too. Yeah, sounds rare doesn’t it…

Paris Hilton
Famous because her inheritance is the Hilton hotel brand. No matter how much she says her clothing line and perfume brand is her work, she is lying. All her money and her fame comes from her poor working grandfather, leaving her time to create shows looking for a BFF. (Okay I admit, I did watch this but purely because I wanted to pity Paris and her annoying voice).

Kim Kardashian
Kim KardashianFamous for being a movie star… Oh wait. Again if this happened to any other girl, nothing would have come from it but I suppose using your family’s profile (who were hugely known in the lawyer business) means that you can do anything. And now she has a TV programme, clothes line and not forgetting a baby to Kanye West. Great.

Sharon Osbourne
Her annoying voice, her red hair, her constant tragic stories and her apparent skill in finding talent doesn’t mean she is a celebrity. Come one guys, Ozzy Osbourne is a better celebrity than her and that’s saying something. However their reality tv programme did provide me with some laughs but don’t be fooled, this still doesn’t mean she is worthy of the title celebrity.

Justin Bieber
I don’t even know why he is a singer? It’s like he has this control over every girl under 15 as well as some boys. His squeaky voice, love for Disney channel stars and this bad boy act whilst being a heartthrob is how he manages to be famous. Also, how original, he owns a pet monkey… (Michael Jackson).

SnookiThe name says it all. People like this irritate me and I feel bad for even mentioning her in this article as it means she is getting even more attention and as the saying goes ‘Love me or hate me, you’re still talking about me.’ Who is she and where did MTV find her? Now I’m sounding like Nicki Grahame from Big Brother and well don’t even get me started on her.

Lindsay Lohan
She had it all going. She was a pretty ginger, could act, was in successful films and then oh yes, she began to spiral out of control running down the path of drugs, alcohol and arrests. People like these really annoy me as she had it all on a plate and could have done so well in life but in some aspects you could say she was greedy and wanted more. (That was certainly the case when she was arrested for stealing clothes and jewellery from a fancy shop).

Rebecca Black
Famous for the song ‘Friday’ (Sorry I know it’s now in your head and you’re bobbing along, its Friday Friday, gotta get down on Friday). No Rebecca, you get down from your fame podium. You don’t deserve it.

Chris Brown
Chris BrownOkay so this lovely famous man showed the world that it was okay to beat and bite your girlfriend, then apologise in a song and get a tattoo of her and everything would be perfect. There were even some sad girls claiming that ‘Chris wouldn’t do that, he’s a gentleman’… No.


Perez Hilton
Famous for commenting about other people and taking pictures of them. Well Perez now it’s your turn to be commented on. Annoying, bitchy, weird hair and over Americanised. You guessed it, another un-deserving person living in Celebville.

Peter Andre
Peter is not only one of the worst celebrities but one of the most desperate. Stop trying to re-launch your singing career (or should I say one hit wonder career) that happened about 20 years ago. Stop bringing out annual calendars with raunchy pictures of you in your underwear. You are old enough to be our father. Oh and stop crying.

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