New Music Monday Issue #26

It’s Monday and The 1975 have the top selling album in the US, what a time to be alive.

In all seriousness, the band started their four-night stint at the Manchester Apollo on Saturday and my ears still hurt. If you’re in a similar position – wondering if life or your hearing will ever be the same – then here’s a new batch of pop songs chosen specifically to keep you going.

Frances – Don’t Worry About Me

Our ‘warm mug of a songwriter’ has returned with a new single ahead of her hotly anticipated debut out sometime this year.

‘Don’t Worry About Me’ sees Frances at her most warm and reassuring; where ‘Let It Out’, another one of her melty ballads, was the perfect antidote to the dark winter weather, this song’s equally adept at helping you deal with the fact that spring isn’t that much better.

Weezer – California Kids

Weezer are back, again, with what feels like their seventh attempt at a comeback album and, unlike some of their previous attempts, this one seems to have a bit of momentum to it.

‘California Kids’ is the latest track to be released from their forthcoming self-titled album, unofficially named The White Album (following their blue, green, and red albums). It’s a straight-up pop-rock track, the like of which Weezer made their name with so long ago.

Though the band are now decades old, their sound still comes across as fresh and punchy – carrying a weirdly uplifting message of faith in kids from a southern state in America.

It’s gonna be alright,
If you’re on a sinking ship,
The California kids,
Will throw you a lifeline.

Exploded View – No More Parties In The Attic

This week we’re ending far, far away from pop music.

Exploded View is a brand new project fronted by Berlin-based political-journalist-turned-musician, Anika.

‘No More Parties In The Attic’ is a devastating clash of timbres – Anika’s soft, nonchalant vocals set against a jarring whirl of electronics and distortion to create a frankly unnerving soundscape.

Think Joy Division meets Adam Curtis… in a warehouse in Siberia.

What do you think of our picks this week? Let us know in the comments below!