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5 types of student you’ll meet at university

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Written by Anna

University brings together all sorts of people. Nowhere else will you see and meet such a diverse mix of human beings: different ages, interests, cultures etc. This is almost certainly a positive of the university experience; the opportunity to broaden your horizons and learn about others. 
But what about classifying students and those student stereotypes? At university, you meet so many people from all walks of life but these are the five types of students that I guarantee you’ll meet at some point:

1. The Facebook friend

This is the type of student who will most definitely ask you if you have Facebook or a profile on other social media platforms. They will add you as soon as they find out your surname! This is often the type of university student who you will only interact with online and Facebook. They’re not really your friend, more like an online acquaintance.

2. The slummer 

This is the student who will be relaxing at any given moment and will always say they haven’t done any prep for upcoming assignments or revision for exams. They will try to bring you down with them so I would stay clear. By all means be friends with them, but when it comes to study, you’ll be better off working on your own.

3. The over achiever

Now for the complete opposite – the student who will do extra work. They will have finished all their assignments by week 1 while you’re in the corner still trying to figure out where to start. This person will probably be annoying because they are so organised and on top of things so you might want to stay away. They could be useful connections to make for group projects and future work but you’ll be wise to work independently. 

4. The night owl

This person will be up studying all night to get the assignment done. They’ll stock up on energy drinks, caffeine and sugary snacks so they can boast about working all night to complete work. I bet most students will at some point become this person, what with conflicting deadlines and sometimes prioritising extra-curricular activities. But there is always one person who does this all time and then freaks out that they haven’t done any work.

5. The late comer 

They are late to every single class. Even if they get up extra early to arrive on time for their morning class, somehow they are always late. You’ll see them trying to sneak in undetected to the lecture hall but everyone will still turn around and look at them when the door slams shut, disrupting the class in the process. You’ll be trying to understand and engage with the lecture material but you’ll have this person climbing over you to find a seat. Not ideal! 

What do you think? Are these a true reflection of the types of student you’re sure to meet at university? Any stereotypes missing? Share your thoughts below!