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5 Instagram accounts you need to follow

Written by Emily Baker

As someone who spends a hefty chunk of their day scrolling through Instagram, finding new accounts is a favourite pastime of mine. The constant recycling of old and new is why it’s such a great social platform.

A flick down can be so quick but a solid feed will keep you hooked in and coming back. My explore page knows me so well, understandable, really, considering the time spent on my phone is consistent with an all consuming romantic relationship.

Here are the Instagram accounts I’d recommend you check out for all things art, feminism and style.

1. @driftedlinedesign

An ode to my university town of Sheffield, artist Liah Edwardes creates continuous line drawings focusing on the female form.

She’ll take your dusty old nudes and turn them into a one-off to stick on your fridge or a t-shirt to wear out, unapologetically.

Instagram: driftedlinedesign

 2. @slickwoods

Simone Thompson has an unforgettable style, known for her bald head and the prominent gap in her front teeth.

At just 21-years-old she’s made a name for herself – rather nickname – hence Slick Woods, as an edgy model refusing to conform to the ‘girl next door’ vibe in the US fashion industry.

Instagram: slickwoods

3. @jessedraxler

I fell in love, adoration, with artist Jesse Draxler back when I was 17 and cutting up photos in my photography lessons.

The heavy contrast of his black and whites coupled with soft, elegant lines is masterful. For anyone who doesn’t consider themselves overly arty, check out his Instagram anyway, even for a moment’s burst of creativity.

Instagram: jessedraxler

4. @frances_cannon

I stumbled upon Frances’ Instagram on International Women’s Day. That’s probably because the images of herself or the illustrations she creates refuse to accept societal views on the way women should be.

With unshaven legs and tattoos, she exclaims “I won’t be boxed in” in one post, naked on the beach in the next.

Instagram: francescannon

5. @faewilliams

I didn’t know who Fae Williams was until she started dating with Professor Green. (I kick myself for that.) Her style is effortless and timeless – fur coats, baby pink and doc martens.

Instagram: faewilliams