4 ways to get into the Christmas spirit

Written by Olivia Sethi

Christmas is just around the corner and if you’re anything like me, you have already fully immersed yourself in the festive activities that this season brings. However, I know that there are bound to be some of you who have not even begun to think about the big day coming up, and are panicking about how quickly December is going.

Don’t worry if this is the case, as there is still plenty of time to get into the Christmas spirit. Below, I have compiled a list of 4 activities which I assure will make you feel more festive, with little effort or expense required.

Watch a Christmas film

This is probably the easiest method on my list, yet still an extremely effective way of getting into the Christmas spirit which all the family can take part in. The range of Christmas films available nowadays on the TV means that there is no excuse to miss out on festive classics like Home Alone or The Grinch.

However, my personal film recommendation to increase the Christmas spirit in your household would be Elf. The story of Buddy’s journey to connect with his dad is not only endearing but amusing and will have your whole family glued to the TV screen.

Make a Christmas dinner with friends

Why not dedicate an afternoon to get together with friends and cook your own Christmas dinner? Not only is this a nice way to bring people together, it will also mean that you have a chance to prepare for the dishes that you will likely be making again on Christmas Day. You could even organise a secret Santa gift exchange which gives you the opportunity to show your appreciation for your friends over the past year.

Visit the Christmas markets in your local town/city

Whether in your local town or in your nearest city, visiting a Christmas market will definitely help get you in the Christmas spirit. Browsing the market stalls is a great way to gain inspiration for any Christmas gifts you have left to buy for friends or family, and there will also be an opportunity to enjoy a range of food and drink.

If you get the chance, I would recommend attending Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland which occurs in London every festive season. Whilst the rides may not be for everyone, the atmosphere is exciting and there are still plenty of other festive activities to take part in such as ice skating or attending a theatre-style show.

Do some festive baking

Baking festive treats is an easy and cheap way to get you into the Christmas spirit, and these can even be used as gifts for family and friends. Every year, my mum and I will make mince pies and gingerbread for our family, who always appreciate the amazing smell which is created around the home. Having Christmas music playing in the background whilst cooking is bound to increase your festive spirit even further, especially Michael Bublé’s ‘Christmas’ album which is my personal favourite.