How to make your next Birthday card special

birthday card
Written by Nigel Simpkins

In our modern technology-filled world, giving someone a social media shout is becoming more and more common. Yet, despite the number of people that are able to see a social media post about a friend’s birthday, there’s something special about sending a personalised card that your friend or loved-one can hold in their hands.

While sending a real card may seem old-fashioned, when the receiver opens their special birthday card, it’ll be sure to make their birthday one to remember. 

Pick A Personalised Birthday Card

While some people think that not every birthday has a special meaning held with it (such as turning 21 or entering a new decade) each birthday signals another year of growth. However, oftentimes, people will send a card that could have been sent on almost any birthday, making it seem relatively generic. Buying a card that covers the specific year that the person is turning can leave a lasting impression (and they’ll probably be surprised that you managed to find a card with their specific year.) 

Pro tip: If you’re going to buy a birthday card that has the specific year involved in it, make sure you double check you know how old the person is turning. 

Use A Sense Of Humour

One of the best parts about sending a birthday card is the ability to use a sense of humor in your birthday greeting. Whether you’re using an inside joke with a friend or simply making another “over the hill” reference, birthday cards are a great opportunity to give someone the gift of laughter on their birthday. If you’re close friends with the person you’re giving the card to, then you could make harsher jokes about the person turning another year older. If you aren’t as close though, then try to keep the jokes about age to a more light-hearted tone. 

Most card shops, such as Up With Paper, offer different kinds of humor in their birthday cards, so you’ll be sure to find the perfect one for your friend or loved one.

Write A Specific Note

Although you can buy a lot of beautiful cards for birthdays at the store or online, before you mail it to the recipient, consider writing a personalized note somewhere inside of the card. Even though you selected the card with that specific individual in mind, writing a note will make your card stand out from others (not that it’s a competition…)

If you’re unsure what the right note to include would be, consider writing out a favorite memory that you shared with the person since they had their last birthday. If your friend accomplished something major this year, congratulate them again and wish them even more success this upcoming year. If your friend or family member has been down on their luck lately, or if they’re close to reaching a goal, assure them that they’re going to reach their successes soon. Through writing a personalized note, you can make your card so much more than a simple birthday greeting.