Who’s got the voice on both record and stage?

As I am sure you are aware Kettle is passionate about their music and we love to listen and review artist’s latest tracks.

As I am sure you are aware Kettle is passionate about their music and we love to listen and review artist’s latest tracks. But what we were wondering was when it comes to our favourite vocalists, who take their talent further onto a stage and deliver an amazing live performance. Here’s my top five live vocalists!
Beyonce is the Queen of the bootie shake. Whenever I hear her music on the radio I cannot help myself but to bust some of my own moves out. So you can imagine when I see her live performances what sort of moves I break out then.
Though I have not seen her live, I’ve watched many of her festival performances via live stream. Let me tell you, she knows how to work a crowd, with her powerful voice and breath taking costumes, Beyonce is a diva and she knows how to put on a show.
Robbie Williams went solo after the Take That split and it was a brave move, but it worked. I was lucky enough to see the former Take That member during his solo section. Williams got the crowd up and dancing and dare I even say it, it was better than Take That. 
Ellie Goulding

Ellie Goulding not only rocks it out on my ipod but she brings a whole new energy on stage. As soon as she entered into the music scene she made a bang with her first single “Under The Sheets” peaking at 53 in the UK Single Charts.
From then on she has continued to strive for success. In her live performances  it is as if she is inviting us all to her disco and just wants everyone to have a good time. She is one of the artist’s who looks after her fans and makes everyone enjoy themselves with her music.
Adele has one of those big and powerful voices that are only truly effective when watching her live. Listening to her on the radio just is not enough to gain that Adele experience. After watching her clips from her performance at The Royal Albert Hall I was completely taken aback by her performance, she poured so much emotion into her performance it was such a beautiful moment.
Seeing how an artist connects to a song shows how much effort they put into it and how much it means to them. It is clear in this clip that Adele cares about her fans when she asks her audience to sing along with her, her face just lights up and is quite humbling for Adele to watch her fans sing along.
In such a magnificent venue such as The Royal Albert Hall, I can only imagine the sound that Adele creates with her vocals bounding off in the venue and creating such an enchanting atmosphere.
Sam Smith 

When Sam Smith the award winner of the 2014 BRIT Critics’ Choice Award played live at The Roundhouse in London for #GooglePlayLive, it was such an award winning performance.  
Because this was live streamed on Channel 4 it meant that Smith had a tough job performing to his London audience and the people at home. And let me tell you, I was at home singing and waving my hands in the air all away through his show.  
I have his album on my ipod and I enjoyed his live performance better because he was able to treat his songs a little differently, putting a spin on his classic tracks to make sure that we as the audience had a different experience that stayed with him all away through the concert.
Who do you think has the best live voice? Let us know in the comments below!