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Who Is Owning Twitter Right Now?

As most of us know through our own experiences social media is a mass crazy that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. It is the number one way of communication, the most commonly used form of advertising and the double edged sword we can’t help but take a part in. Young or old, famous or infamous it’s that thorn in our side we’d like to keep there unless we miss something.

There are many right now that have pretty much taken over our social media strasophere’s whether for good, bad or tolerable reasons, they are trending. So I have decided to compile a list of the top 10 people that have taken over Twitter. Be warned it may contain toxic chemicals or natural irritents, however there may be a small wadling animal somewhere in the mix.

10. Miley Cyrus

Love her, loathe her she is still our obsession. The more we complain, the more we watch her videos she banks. Scandal makes her money. #Wreckingball caused controversy, however it started trending worldwide, millions of people watched it on youtube and made it in to history books. So I am not sure she is too bothered.

9. John Lewis

Got in there before Coca Cola, how dare they?! However the rather cute penguin made up for it. There were smiles, there were tears and there were awwwws. The release of the advert sent Twitter in to a meltdown which led the Penguin to feel he need his own account. @montythepenguin apprently needs courting tips. Well done John Lewis, you have the whole nation crying, and it isn’t because customers haven’t had their items in time for Christmas.

8. Jennifer Lawerence

Now she doesn’t have Twitter, and never will, a statement that got her trending on Twitter, go figure. What ever J-Law does, it ends up trending, whether it is nude pictures, her brief relationship with Chris Martin or simply having a hair cut, she is there. Obviously nothing to do with that low budget film no one has seen called ‘The Hunger Games’, I am sure it is soley based on the Oscar win?

7. Football

Always there, public mocking of who has lost, from that infamous slip from Gerrard in that vital game against Chelsea or united fan’s attempt at getting rid of David Moyes, #moyesout seemed to be something of permeanant fixture on the trending list each weekend. What ever it is, fans seem to have the power of a rather large army, tend to get their voices heard. Something that doesn’t seem to happen so much in other sports.

6. Political Debate

Louise Mensch is one for this, if you follow her feed then you will know what I mean, continuously sparking a feud or hard hitting discussion over government relations. Even famous for no reason types like Katie Hopkins get in on the actions. Regardless it is there and unfortunately tweets are used in a more powerful context these days, with inforcements and restrictions in place from the higher power. Sometimes worth a read thought.

5. Dapper Laughs

Although his show has been cancelled due to feminist type complaints I am sure he is laughing all the way to the bank. With more people talking and clicking, he still sees pound signs, whether it will be much longer that is another story. I am sure he will get on to another reality show somewhere at some point, so not all is bad for him.

4. Park Life

Russell Brand, complete and utter marmite, the piller of our alternative Britain Community, a mocking phenominon that has used the public mocking of his ramblings to an advtange. There is now a video avaiable on YouTube that sees the comedian/actor/public rambler put his own words to the class ‘Park Life’ single by Blur. Over 700 people favourited his parody within hundreds of thousands of people watching it, there is simply no humiliating the man. Either way he became a ‘Park Life’ legend within hours and now it seems to be a thing!

3. X Factor

That show we all deny we love but secretly have our favourite? Yeah it is back and all over Twitter. The stars suddenly have that blue tick and thousands more followers before they are forgotten in that pop star oblivion that only few survive – Ella Henderson being a rarity. Celebrities tweet about it which immediately sends it in to over drive as we decide we share their opinion therefore retweet, favourite and respond. It is a circle of X Factor chitter chatter that we will continue until January.

2. Hollyoaks

In the last year this minor soap from Channel 4 has turned it self in to a major player for virtually everything soap land. Winning best soap was a shock, however it was deserved. As well as their hard hitting storylines, they are a social media savvy soap that use it to connect with their fans, and it works. They are always releasing new trailers, creating hashtags, using snap chat and connecting with their fans with photo sessions, Q and As and just generally being down to earth. Having met them at a charity event recently I can safely say they really are a fantastic group of people. They are the ones to watch and I am not ashamed to say I am part of the #hollyoaksendoftheline crew.

1. Taylor Swift

If you haven’t heard of her then well … I am not sure where you have been. Highest selling album in a decade, the number one pop star on the planet right now. I remember her when she was country, but times have changed and with each video she is trending. Her front cover for ‘Wonderland’ is trending. When her album sold a million copies, the video response went viral. Taylor released tour dates, even that started trending. Who she is dating, what she is wearing and every move Taylor makes, Twitter. Something that Taylor doesn’t take for granted as she recently invited some followers to an album launch party at her house, YES AT HER HOUSE!  Good press seems to be something that surrounds Taylor but I am sure if it was ever bad she is able to ‘Shake it off’