What trend of an X Factor Christmas number 1?

Ah, X Factor, that trashy, sorry.. talent show that fixes, I mean finds, artists who think they can sing, and hope to win the show with a Christmas number one and a long future ahead of them in music.

That was the plan for this year’s X Factor winner Louisa Johnson. But thankfully, I mean unfortunately, this has flopped for her.

It appears poor Louise Johnson has recorded the lowest chart entry ever for an X Factor winner.


So does this mean that the popular tradition of the X Factor Christmas number one is suddenly becoming unpopular? Are viewers suddenly seeing sense of this pathetic idea of an X Factor winner having a number one during the festive season?

Maybe it’s just that her song for Christmas, ‘Forever Young’, is simply not living up to the so-called high quality song that the X Factor winner’s song usually has to rise up the charts.

Wider choice

Because let’s face it, there are better songs in the charts that could be number one in this day and age.

With artists such as Adele, Justin Bieber, Fleur East and Jess Glynne, I would rather have any of those artists as number one. They have all worked hard for their art, rather than a fresh-faced nobody who is about to become a somebody because they won X Factor and have one song because of it. Think of it like this: You work hard for a good job in a field that you have expertise and history in, and then a new fresh-faced young’un comes along with very little experience and gets that job that you’ve worked so hard for. You wouldn’t want that now, would you?

With Johnson not getting to number one, I do feel sorry for her. Remember the Joe McElderry facade we had many years back? And Rage Against The Machine beat him in the Christmas charts. Yes, that was due to a fan protest and not the quality of the song, but it’s an X Factor winner who has been beaten before.

Is it worth it?

It leads me to think, my dear Kettle readers, what is the point of this X Factor anyway? We all know that the winners don’t do well. If they leave Simon Cowell’s label then they do well, but if they’re stuck with him then they can kiss goodbye to having a successful music career.

To be honest I don’t see what all the fuss is about anyway, at this festive period are we really bothered about who is number one? I know I will be too busy stuffing my face with turkey and Christmas pudding to be worried about whose song is the most popular with listeners. It is interesting to see how music has developed over the year, but having all this hype about being at number one is nothing but that – hype.

What do you think should be this year’s Christmas number one? Let us know in the comments below!