What makes you happy? Feel-good answers to the age-old question

World happens day
Written by Siobhan Divers

There are holidays which everyone knows, off by heart. Valentine’s Day, Christmas Day, Halloween – it’s hard to forget dates so imprinted in our culture and our minds.

Then there are holidays which change each year but are advertised everywhere weeks and even months before the day itself to make sure they’re in everyone’s thoughts – I’m talking about Easter (Creme Eggs are in shops in January, people…)

Though there’s other holidays which are, almost, forgotten about.

International Day of Happiness

I mean, did you know that March 20th is the International Day of Happiness? No? I didn’t think so.

International Day of Happiness is a global celebration of happiness which was established after United Nations special advisor Jayme Illien brought the idea to senior United Nations Officials.

In 2012, all 193 United Nations member states agreed to declare an international day to celebrate world happiness, deciding on March 20th , which coincides with the Spring Equinox (the first day of spring!)

So how are you going to celebrate the holiday?

We asked our readers what makes them happy? And be warned the answers are super wholesome…

Jessica, 21

Being around my friends, my boyfriend and my family. I live alone so the weeks can get pretty lonely. The weekends I spend with them, even if it’s doing nothing at all, fills me with content and happiness!

Susannah, 37

Laughing with my toddler, because it’s the best sound in the world, and my favourite part of parenting. Also, the peaceful story times we have before bed, when he’s sitting on my lap and the story has his full attention…

Triinu, 48

I’m a mum! 4 miscarriages but 3 children and that makes me happy, lucky and loved.

Claire, 22

There aren’t many things I love more in life than having a 10 second or longer hug with someone important to me. It’s an instant stress-reliever – there’s just something so comforting about it.

Jennifer, 50

My children make me happy, because they make me proud every day as they do their best in everything that they do.

Lauren, 26

My partner, cats, a new TV series, travelling, walking along the beach, going out for meals – there’s so many things to choose from!

Linda, 51

I love spending time with my family – they’re the most important people in my life and always make me happy!

Hannah, 27

Security, trust and acting daft. As cliched as it sounds, it’s the little things that make the biggest contribution to happiness for me, personally.

Lucy, 22

Dancing is a massive part of my life and so many happy memories are attached with dancing – it’s my go to ‘pick me up’ (an escapism from the world and into a bubble of happiness and passion)!

Aishah, 27

Doing things that help others because I know I am adding value to the world!

Joanne, 21

Going home after a long day – getting into comfy clothes and putting my feet up.

Martyn, 25

Reading, watching films and playing games – it’s relaxing and it chills me out after work.

Chris, 25

Giving presents at Xmas – I enjoy seeing people’s reaction when they open a gift you’ve put a lot of thought into. Also, I love being able to switch off from day-to-day life – going walks in the countryside or going a drive, baking and having a good laugh with friends makes me happy.

Bobbie, 23

I love spending time with friends I haven’t seen for a while – it’s lovely to be able to catch them up on what I’ve been up to, hear about their life and have a laugh!

Chloe, 21

It makes me so happy when people are appreciative of what you do for them – when you’ve helped them out and they show how much it means to them…makes my heart happy☹!!

All these answers make my heart happy!!!