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How to make your uni room feel like a sanctuary

Written by Claudia Cole

Our bedrooms should be our safe haven, right? But with several assignments to write and exams to study for, that may not be the case, and our rooms often become neglected. So, if you’re looking to discover the best ways to transform your room into a heaven-like sanctuary, here are some simple suggestions.

Light, neutral coloured decor

Colours have the ability to influence our mood and physiological responses. The intensity of it we incorporate into our room plays a massive part in its overall feel. Although our feeling towards specific colours are often deeply personal and embedded in our culture, it has been noted that having neutral tones in our bedroom provides a sense of comfort. Having light colours brings an element of cleanliness and can quickly reflect off the natural sunlight during the day, inviting plenty of warmth into your bedroom.

High-quality bedding

Since we spend a third of our lives sleeping, investing in comfortable bedding is a must. Not only would you find an improvement in your quality of sleep, but it’s a great way to incorporate some luxury into your life. It’s best to invest in bedding that’s soft but durable, ensuring you’re incredibly snug for months to come. It might make abandoning your bed more difficult in the mornings, but the good news is that your soft, cosy cocoon of bed will be waiting after a long hard day of work.

Keep it lightly fragranced

Aside from its incredible ability to induce memories, aromas have many other positive effects on the mind and body. From relieving stress and headaches, to boosting brainpower. There are many ways you can infuse heavenly fragrances into your bedroom such as using diffusers, room mists, natural flowers and candles. However, keep in mind that most university accommodations don’t allow the last one.

A go-to scent for a bedroom is lavender as it has the natural ability to calm the mind and body almost immediately. It’s also proven to ease sleeping problems and low mood. This is an excellent way of bringing a sense of tranquillity to your room.


Adopt a plant

Plants are a great way to livening up your room with vibrant colour. They bring an element of freshness that can help improve your mental wellbeing, providing a calming environment to prevent work-related stress.

If you’re concerned about maintenance, not to worry. There are plenty of plants that don’t require much care such as ZZ plants. These glossy beauties can tolerate humidity and only needs watering approximately every week or two.

Keep it minimal

We can often get carried away when it comes to decorating our uni rooms. It’s understandable. You want to make your space feel as homely as possible. However, most students overestimate how much they need to take to uni. The more items you have, the bigger the chance of mess, not to mention the number of books you’ll accumulate over the course of your studies. Having an untidy environment certainly won’t bring you peace. It’s best to keep all items in your room to a minimum and not risk the chance of having clutter.

Reserved space for the evening only

You’ll likely be spending quite a bit of time in your room, especially when studying. Even so, it’s crucial that you start reserving that space for the evenings. If you’re continually working in your bedroom during daytime, it’s undoubtedly going to feel less like a sanctuary. Your bedroom is a place for rest, to place to shake off life’s stress. Try to spend a little more time outside your room most afternoons. It may help even to start using your campus library to complete your assignments. That way, once the sun sets, you’re welcomed to nothing but peace and harmony.