What are the benefits of booking a European holiday? 

Written by Nigel Simpkins

While there are many must-see destinations throughout the globe, overlooking the prospect of staying in Europe for your vacation could be a mistake. Of course, there are breathtaking sights and action-packed activities to experience at other continents, but there are also numerous benefits to staying in Europe and visiting its hidden treasures. So, let’s take a look at some of the advantages of booking a European holiday.

Peace of Mind Should Delays Occur

Perhaps the most pivotal factor to consider when planning a vacation revolves around delayed flight compensation. When travelling in Europe, prospective airline passengers are protected in the event of delays and flight cancellations under EU Regulation 261/2004. For over ten years, Flightright has helped numerous travellers enforce their rights if they’re entitled to compensation. To date, the company have achieved a pay-out total of approximately £273 million.

How Do You Claim Flight Delay Compensation?

Through Flightright’s free digital service, it’s possible to check claim eligibility in a couple of minutes if your flight is delayed or cancelled. Upon meeting the necessary criteria – which includes the time of departure and arrival within a seven-to-14-day notice period, as well as much more – passengers may be entitled to delayed flight compensation of around £546 if travelling between European airports. Under EU Regulation 261/2004, flight cancellations may result in compensation, a replacement flight, or a ticket refund.

How Long After a Flight Delay Can You Claim Compensation?

According to Flightright’s information, a valid compensation claim lasts for up to six years from the date that the incident first occurred. However, depending on where you travel within Europe, this can vary. For example, the timeframe to enforce a claim within Sweden is three months, while, in Germany, it’s three years.

Explore Europe’s Treasures with Shorter Flights

Aside from being protected in the event of flight cancellations and delays, travelling within Europe also has the benefit of shorter-haul travel. While there are many tips for air travel, including searching for empty leg flights, striving for short-distance flights can reduce the prospect of fatigue and eradicate the chances of jet lag.

Moreover, using a short-haul commercial plane ensures that journeys are completed in a timely manner, as there is no need to change flights as travel typically takes between one and three hours, as per Pilot Amireh. Regarding potential delays, the fewer connections needed, the lower the risk of delays and flight cancellations, which can only be a positive from a protection standpoint.

These factors ensure that you can get the most out of your vacation as soon as your plane lands. In opting for a European-based holiday, there is reduced stress comparative to long-haul travel to a different continent. Furthermore, in needing to fly a shorter distance, it’s also possible that such a decision may have money-saving advantages.

Consider Staying in Europe, It May Prove Fruitful

Ultimately, it’s problematic to argue against the fact that the primary benefit in taking a vacation in Europe surrounds the EU Regulation 261/2004. While, of course, there are physical advantages to short-distance air transport, knowing that delayed flight compensation is available in the event of any issues provides the peace of mind to fully enjoy your highly-anticipated getaway.