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Viral Video: The world’s next big con artist

First things first, watch this video and stop 31 seconds in.

First things first, watch this video and stop 31 seconds in. Be prepared for the fact that this commentator is no Martin Tyler, he will absolutely be dictating every occurrence to you as though you simply don’t understand the world.

Cute right? Now play the rest of the video and see what has actually gone on here…
What a genius
GENIUS. To me, this is so much better than if he actually gave her the ball, and he knows this, this little future criminal master-mind. Let’s just hope he puts his talents towards good rather than evil or we’ll end up with another super criminal, like The Joker, Cruella Deville or Peter Mandelson. 
I hope to see this kid years from now in a Vegas casino surrounded by admirers, rinsing it on the blackjack table and reminiscing about where it all started. I predict big things. 
The only thing we all have to pray for is that given his recent success with the ladies this boy is at great risk of ending up ten years down the line in Ibiza, bronzed to within an inch of his life, wearing a vest that just about covers his belly button, yelling at girls from his quad bike as he speeds off to David Guetta’s set at Pacha. Pray hard everyone.
Although I have to admit, whilst this lad has successfully charmed a young lady and kept the game ball in the process, we have to be honest that this lady is not quite as young as our con-artist friend here.
So, sadly, and as much as I am his biggest fan, I think we all have to admit that it’s straight off to the friend-zone with him… 
Comments of the week
The comments this week are generally positive. Although one commenter feels confused as to why the boy decided to give the young lady the baseball in the first place: “Wasn’t like she was wearing a glove or anything.”
What? Am I missing something? 
One commenter feels enraged at his inability to succeed with women and asks why this continual failure befalls him whilst this ten-year-old appears to have such great game. Well ‘buldren0101’ I think I can help you there. I would imagine it has something to do with your use of the phrase “making those girls’ panties drop.” 
I’m not convinced that’s your best approach, twat.
As usual the replies to one comment escalated into a full blown dispute and all the keyboard warriors kicked off and started turning this small, light-hearted video into a racial dispute about America, terrorism and the like. Harmony on the internet as always…
Massive fans
Personally, I am a big fan of this kid and his genius manoeuvre. Although given the pre-graduation stage I’m in, I’m currently looking at every situation with interview-tinted spectacles and therefore this video, to me, just screams, “lateral thinking skills”. Shall I let this boy know how to use this incident in interview? 
Let’s all take a moment for the genius of the little kid, and give him a mental high-five for his enviably clever trick.
What do you think of this kid’s lateral thinking skills? Let us know in the comments below!
Photo: Ivva / Flickr