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Viral Video: the best April Fool’s Day prank ever

Being in a remote cottage in Cumbria and strapped for Wi-Fi has made this week’s task somewhat challenging. How is this coped with?

Being in a remote cottage in Cumbria and strapped for Wi-Fi has made this week’s task somewhat challenging. How is this coped with? I don’t even care if I sound like a huge stereotype. I want to watch the new Game of Thrones, the Oscar Pistorius trial and yes, I will admit, I wouldn’t mind a cat video or two.
And so after much effort persuading the landlady that I was not a Jehovah’s Witness, I finally gained access to the world of slow, stuttering, countryside wi-fi. Huzzah. Having done so, I found this video. I decided that this video was spot on for this week. 

School memories

Graduation is looming, deadlines are suffocating and dissertations are actually surprisingly easy if you forget they exist. With all this in mind, I feel like what we all need is a reminder of our school days. Sure, the lunches were ladles of chewy mince and carrots (I think it was supposed to be carrot) every day for 14 years, the heinous uniforms you got in year 11 served as a hugely effective susan-boyle-esque-pro-chastity-boy-repeller, and I’m fairly sure I have a lopsided torso from trying to shoulder-barge a double decker out of the vending machines every day. However, this was our first venture into education, and crucially, we were very much at the bottom of the pecking order.

Shout out
As a result, I feel like I want to give some sort of scholastic shout out to the kids who did this April Fool’s prank, because in this video, we, the students, have won. This is the triumph we have all been waiting for ever since that first litter-pick (that means you Miss Gaul, you bastard). This isn’t a massive win, by any accounts, but it is still a win. 
What we must also acknowledge is that this teacher, whoever he is, is a very very good sport. What would have been the worst possible situation for a teacher, if it were true, he actually dealt with very well. So in commending the pupil’s for a lesson well taught, I must also commend this guy, for both his diplomatic response and his sense of humour.
Clever prank
Alongside that, it is nice to see a clever April fool’s prank; I think we have all experienced our fair share of cling film over the loo seat (just me?) and for the sake of the bathroom carpets; we need never go through that one again. ESPECIALLY, if someone in the house has food poisoning. Not to mention the hair removal cream in the conditioner bottle; funny, until you realise that a decent wig costs several hundred pounds. Several hundred pounds that you are expected to provide, and categorically do not have. 
So for anyone out there who has ever attended school, and who has ever had the odd lengthy feud with a teacher, or, more commonly for me and my friends, the dinner lady (stingy attitude to kit-kats), enjoy this, maybe pop it on repeat; This is our biggest triumph yet.
Do you think this is the best April Fool ever? Let us know in the comments below!
Photo: Ivva / Flickr