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Viral Video: Some Coachella revision distraction

Now, I don’t know if this applies to everyone, but for the past God knows how long my Instagram feed has been saturated by celebs’ Coachella pictures. And whilst the entire thing seems like a large amount of money in exchange for a large amount of societal ridicule, just about anything is looking better than sitting in my room, with the blinds drawn reading “Being and Nothingness” ’til my eyes fall out.
Sorry Sartre, I’ll always be faithful, but it really is a very long book… 
“I just can’t even”
Perhaps this is my fault for following the likes of Millie Mackintosh and Kylie Jenner on Instagram, but maybe it’s also a little part of me that enjoys the necessary cynicism that comes with exposure to people whose eyelashes cost a week’s rent. In fact, I like to think that these are the kind of people who genuinely say, “I just can’t even” on a daily basis. You know, the kind of people you thought only existed in memes.
The point is, this is a difficult time for us all. Dissertations are attacking by force and revision has become as unrelenting as a door to door salesman. Therefore this week, I made the decision to forgo anything serious or potentially thought-provoking and feature some pure and simple fun to fuel the procrastination fire. 
Fuelling the procrastination fire
Additionally, I found this week on YouTube was just a selection of bizarre videos, and not bizarre in a good way; bizarre in an uncomfortable that-time-Ban Ki Moon-sung-a-Christmas-song kind of way (search for this if you have not seen it, it will change your life).
So I made yet another decision, that this week’s viral video will be a sort of throwback. So, here’s Jimmy Kimmel’s “Lie Witness News – Coachella 2013” to get you all laughing at the misfortunes of the most fortunate, because at this deadline heavy I-hate-the-world stage of our degrees, it’s very healthy to vent.

I am so happy to throw this video back out there in order to celebrate Coachella 2014 and all the lucky souls who doused themselves in glitter for it. What I also hope this has done for all you procrastinator experts out there is thrown you into a while new world of YouTube recommendations consisting of wall to wall Jimmy Kimmel. Try “celebrities read mean tweets” and say goodbye to your essay for today.
Simmer down
The comments however, tell a completely different story. People seem incredibly enraged by the whole thing, or vaguely racist and some, really upset?! I do feel, that it is crucial that these people simmer down, and revaluate a few things. In fact, some comments get extreme to the point that it seems logical to fear for some sort of hipster lynch mob.
Maybe after this year we’ll have nuclear type bunkers where you can store your bum bag, beard trimmer and plastic choker, in case the commenters on this video come a-looking! In fact, maybe even my Sartre book isn’t safe anymore?!
Nevertheless, this has certainly perked up my day, and will give me fond thoughts, at least, about what I am not, and about the alternative option to sitting in a darkened room staring into the abyss and calling it revision. So, give it a replay when you’re feeling like you simply just can’t do another footnote; it may help.
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Photo: Ivva / Flickr