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Viral Video: singing priest wows the internet

When agreeing to write this Viral Video column I never expected to be exposed to so many of life’s great anxieties.

When agreeing to write this Viral Video column I never expected to be exposed to so many of life’s great anxieties. So far we’ve had babies, religion and now we’ve got marriage! For someone who struggles to commit to long-life milk, this has been a fairly intensive course of fear-facing.
On that note, let us focus on the particular bridge we must cross this week, this being a video taken at a wedding ceremony just ten days ago.
The video

The situation

Now first things first, let’s take a moment to just get to grips with the stresses of what is actually going on here. Your wedding, this hugely important day of massive life choices in front on your entire family, all your friends and several people who probably, definitely don’t even really like you anyway.

Navigating that church floor with all the slippery stone and metal grates in a pair of heels is, frankly, worse than Frodo’s journey up Mordor. And as much as you know your entire meal will end up in your lap, you don’t want to be the bride with the bib so you hope to God that you can strategically catch the majority of your dinner down your cleavage… maybe save some for during the speeches?

If this wasn’t stressful enough, this particular wedding is being filmed. Horror of horrors. You know that cameras show up your plenitude of chins, you know that confronted with a lens you automatically do your awkward ‘funny’ face to deal with the embarrassment of not knowing what to do with your actual face, this can only end badly.
But hold up now, never fear; the singing priest is here!
The man
I wish I could hire this guy out to be at every single social occasion I must attend (so, one then…). Or at the very least, play this video prior to said social occasions because he is just amazing. I think it’s the cheeky grin we get at 3:00 that does it.
If it were my wedding and I was stressed about my boobs, my shoes, my chins, etc., then a song from this cheeky chappy and that devilish (excuse the pun) grin and I’d forget all about said boobs, shoes and chins. Suddenly the severity of the occasion is lifted and it becomes fun, playful and very, very cheeky.
The comments
The comments were, as-per with YouTube, brilliant. Ranging from “he’s taken ladies” to “no wonder that he can sing. His Name is ‘(Father) R. Kelly’”… How very astute. Although my personal favourite and award for twat of the month should almost certainly be given to the beacon of joy and gaiety who commented: “Shouldn’t be allowed for clapping and whistling”…
Well. Thanks for that wonderful insight Captain Positivity, do come back again, we’d love to hear more of your merry and glittering observations.
The conclusion
There’s very little else I’d like to say about this video and ultimately these musings are mere extras to the essential beauty and charm of it, the central and most important point is that this priest so seamlessly put smiles on the faces of everyone at that wedding, as well as mine and hopefully yours too. Enjoy!
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Photo: Ivva / Flickr