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Viral Video: Arnold Schwarzenegger and his tank

Firstly can I just say, Yes.

Firstly can I just say, Yes. Yes to Arnie, yes to his tank, yes to crushing stuff with it and yes to After School All-Stars. The video, which in four days since its release has gained nearly eight million views, shows Schwarzenegger crushing a taxi, birthday cakes and bubble wrap, all in the name of the charity After School All-Stars.

The idea being that by entering the competition, all proceeds from which will be donated to the ASAS, you could win the opportunity for you and one other to fly to LA, work out with Schwarzenegger, smoke cigars with him, and most importantly crush stuff in his tank.

Wow. I like this so much, almost as much as the comment beneath which asks, “Can I crush Justin Bieber?”
Why it has gone viral
One of the best things about this video is the YouTube suggestions which follow; Arnie mania, to say the least. I highly recommend the video in which Schwarzenegger goes undercover as regional manager ‘Howard’ at Gold’s Gym in California, again, to raise money for After School All-Stars.
Schwarzenegger goes round the gym instructing people with surprisingly very few recognising him?!
He coaches one woman on how to drink water in reps, and tells one man on a treadmill: “Stop being a baby. This is Gold’s Gym; this is not a baby’s gym,” and so, providing with wonderful Schwarzenegger ease, my new motivational mantra; my dissertation has become my Gold’s Gym, and I will remember in future, not to be a baby: “This is Gold’s Gym; this is not a baby’s Gym.”
The tank can do anything
I then watched Arnie cook up some eggs and bacon on his tank, because apparently, the tank can do anything. To me, Arnie and his tank are a great example of people having fun with their money, and thank God for that.
Quite frankly, the man is worth 300 million, so my only question is, why does he only have the one tank? Personally, I hope Schwarzenegger and his tank do some sort of motivational arena tour. Or ‘Around the world in Arnie’s tank’… that sort of thing.
After watching Arnie’s eggs, bacon and protein-tank video, I watched a video called “You Lack Discipline,” again, featuring Arnie and his tank; the internet’s newest and best comedy duo. In this video Schwarzenegger tells you off for… I’m not quite sure what, but it worked and I put down the cake and went to the gym.
Sorry Mr Kipling.
Sadly, the competition only ran for a day, and is no longer open. However, I think we can all agree that as long as this video remains, so too does our love for the big man Arnie himself. And I for one am glad that he is now an internet sensation and viral video king as well as king of muscles.
Now I suggest that you all watch the video and then go and pop some unwanted stuff under the wheels of your car, for that Schwarzenegger style satisfaction.
What do you think of this viral video hit? Let us know in the comments below.
Photo: Ivva / Flickr