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Twitter fame: is this really something to be proud of?

It’s a shame that our generation has

It’s a shame that our generation has become a collection of sad teenage boys and girls who spend their life on Twitter with the sole purpose of trying to gain followers. The types of people with 37,000 followers despite having no actual claim to fame or significant role in society. People who describe themselves as ‘indie’ yet are so similar to every other person trying to be indie that in truth they are the very mainstream people they are trying to pretend they are not.

Fake Fame- Their fame will be short-lived and in years to come they will look back at the mini empire they built and regret the hours they spent in front of the screen trying to become something that they aren’t. In most cases the people who make themselves out to be a popular figure in society tend to be the very opposite in real life. Arrogant, disliked and fake. They use Twitter as a way to become something they are not, an alter ego as such. It’s no coincidence that the majority of their followers live in places miles away from them. And this is the beauty of social networking sites like Twitter, you can become something you are not and people have no reason to think any different of you, for them what you appear to be on Twitter is what you will be in person.

Twitter wannabes- A general rule of thumb that I follow is that if someone has more than 2,000 followers and aren’t a celebrity of some sort then it is likely that they fall into the category of ‘Twitter famous wannabes’. The 140 characters they have to make their bio stand out from everyone are always wasted and make them the same as everyone else. Display pictures tend to always be the same too.

Generic rubbish- For boys it is either some skinny lad who is topless who thinks he has the body of a cover model but instead has the body of an Ethiopian runner or some boy in a snapback with a sleeve with an angel/religious theme despite them not having any connection to religion or angels.For girls it is either them with dip dyed hair doing the duck pose, eating a tub of nutella with a spoon, or some skinny girl wearing very little clothing leaning against a wall or bending over facing the camera thinking that they look sexy but instead look like Kate Moss on acid.

Yet so many of these people tweet the same generic rubbish that gets hundreds of retweets, yet people with 300 followers tweet the most brilliant and unique tweets and it goes unnoticed. And these people with thousands of followers tweet the same generic tweets as every other person with the same amount of followers, there is nothing special or unique about them.

Too many people are sheep, very few are shepherds- I mean what’s so indie and special about eating nutella with a spoon? How has this become an icon and ideology of ‘indie’ that everyone who tweets it suddenly thinks they are part of a movement. This is the main problem. Too many sheep and very few are the shepherds. People follow the masses and in doing so miss out on the few genuinely individual people out there. Rather than try and stand out from the crowd they do the opposite and try and fit in with everyone. Anyone can start and get 2000 followers if they are willing to become a social recluse and spend their days and nights pretending they are this alter ego.

If people used their large follower base for productive reasons then I would have no problem with them, but the fact they do it to gain popularity that comes to nothing irritates me.

Is Twitter irritating? Do these fake personas really exist? Have you say in the comments section.