Twelve cats more famous than you will ever be

Written by kirstiekeate

Here at Kettle we love our furry purry puss cat darlings, also known as just plain old cats to the lay person.  In honour of their gorgeous, scrumptious, fluffiness, here are the top twelve ca

Here at Kettle we love our furry purry puss cat darlings, also known as just plain old cats to the lay person.  In honour of their gorgeous, scrumptious, fluffiness, here are the top twelve cats more famous than you, and me for that matter.

Puss in Boots

Famous for his work, not only in Shrek, but also his very own film, Puss in Boots has definitely conquered the film world, but his fame far precedes the work of the DreamWorks animation team.

His first appearance was in a 1697 fairy tale about a cat who uses trickery and deceit to gain power and wealth for his penniless master, a truly historical and benevolent feline!


First on our screens way back in 1974, having only made thirteen episodes, Bagpuss, ‘an old, saggy cloth cat, baggy, and a bit loose at the seams’ is still widely loved and fondly remembered by many. 

He came fourth in a 2001 Channel 4 poll of all time best kids TV programmes and was on a commemorative stamp January this year.

The Cheshire Cat

Infamous for his eerie and maniacal grin, who doesn’t know of Lewis Caroll’s Cheshire Cat.  Whether it be through reading the original story or from Disney’s wacky and slightly psychedelic film, we’ve all at some point wondered whether he was the sanest or the craziest in Wonderland.

Tom from Tom and Jerry

Who hasn’t at some point enjoyed watching Tom’s endless battles with Jerry and sometimes Spike the dog and his son Tyke? Originally created back in 1940, you could always tell what sort of person your childhood friends were by whether or not they wanted, just once, for Tom to outwit Jerry.

Top Cat

Originally created by Hanna-Barbera in 1961, the original Top Cat episodes are still being broadcast now. This cheeky chap and his feline friends are the classic alley cat gang using their wits to outsmart the not so smart Officer Dibble.

Thomas O’Malley

Talking of alley cats, no famous cat list would be complete without Disney’s irrepressible Aristocat star, Thomas O’Malley. The hero of the film and, with musical accompaniment from Scat Cat and his band, responsible for every true cat lovers favourite song, Ev’rybody Wants to be a Cat.

Tom Kitten

One of Beatrix Potter’s most famous works, Tom Kitten was the naughty kitten who scratched his mother, lost his hat and then his best clothes when he burst the buttons from them. But if you dress a kitten up in a hat and uncomfortable clothes because your friends are coming over for tea, what do you expect?


Starting out as a comic strip, Garfield has expanded his empire to include a film, a cartoon series and even his own merchandise range, who hasn’t hankered after a snuggly pair of Garfield slippers on a cold winters night to warm their feet in?


Hermione’s ginormous ginger fluff ball in the Harry Potter series was apparently half Kneazle which explains his ability to detect untrustworthy characters even if transfigured and his strong dislike for them. 

Despite having a head that looks like it was run headlong into a wall, he’s devastatingly intelligent for a cat, saving the day by helping Sirius Black reveal the true identity of Ron’s rat Scabbers.

Blofeld’s Cat

Possibly the original feline companion of an evil genius, who can forget the unnerving juxtaposition  of a true villain caring for and gently stroking this pure brilliant white cat, whilst plotting endless evil against humanity and the death of our hero James Bond.

Hamilton the Hipster Cat

Legendary for his wondrous moustache facial markings, Hamilton is currently very on trend in the face hair stakes, but with the forecasted fall from grace of all things beard and moustache related, could this lovely kitty’s 15 minutes of fame shortly be up?

Bond villain

Grumpy Cat

The current darling of the feline social media world, what list of famous cats would be complete without Grumpy Cat. Famed for her sour face, cutting comments and observations, she has her own Twitter feed, website and Wikipedia entry

Grumpy Cat currently resides in Arizona with her brother Pokey. Despite her miserable expression, caused by feline dwarfism and an under bite, her owners claim, in reality, she’s a lovely cat, it’s Pokey who is actually the grumpy one.

So there we have it, from fiction to reality, history to social media, fairytales to films, a list of twelve cats more famous and enduring than you or I could possibly ever hope to be!

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