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First date tips for girls

Dating is relative and therefore these tips might not be for you, but they could just help you have the perfect first date. Whether its because you need to remember what to do or what not to do, Kettle magazine’s sex and relationships editor has put down her top 5 tips for girls on dating.

Don’t let him do all the work

Relationships are a joint thing. Although it may be nice to be treated every once in a while or to treat your other half you are both equal. It may be stereotypical for a man to ask you the questions, pick the venue and pay for food, but at the same time you should be making the effort as well – and that doesn’t just mean wearing heels and a dress. Ask him questions about his life or if he asks you a question answer but then get him to reply to the same question. Act like you’re interested in him and his personality and not just talking about yourself.

Don’t judge

Although you would have agreed to a first date it can be very easy to judge people when you are around them. If he fumbles or stutters or seems nervous don’t roll your eyes or get frustrated. If he did that to you then you wouldn’t be happy. Guys have feelings as much as girls do so being nice and forgiving for little mistakes is acceptable.

Don’t push it

Even if he is paying don’t make him splash out. Not only is it unfair on him but it will give you a reputation of being high maintenance. You don’t want his first impression of you to be about how much it’s going to cost him to see you for a second date even before the first date is over.

Take control

After a few hours together you hopefully will be able to tell if he likes you or not and if you think he is bold enough to make a move. But we are in the 21st century now so don’t feel shy to go in for a kiss goodnight first or ask him if he wants a second date instead of waiting for him to pluck up the courage. 

You don’t have to wear the trousers in the relationship but if you know what you both want but he is too hesitant to make the first move in case it is the wrong one then do it for him.

Dress to impress – but not too much

Dressing the part will score both sexes extra brownie points but don’t go over bored. You want to leave some space for you to look better and better each time. If you wear full make up every day then when you go out at night or for a special occasion you won’t look any different. By toning it down a little you can look the part but still have room to grow if you get another date.

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