Six ways men can beat the summer heat in style

The sun has finally reared its bright head on the UK and we’re all starting to prepare for more hot days in the coming months.

The sun has finally reared its bright head on the UK and we’re all starting to prepare for more hot days in the coming months. For us guys it doesn’t leave many options to choose from in the warm weather and we tend to lean on the same old outfit: t-shirt and shorts. 
Don’t get me wrong. Keeping things simple during the summer month is a wise choice but there’s no reason why you can’t stand out from the pack.
It would be easy to write a piece on what not to wear over the summer period (Socks and sandals, I’m looking at you) but the truth is I don’t want to patronise you because men are becoming more fashion savvy. Instead I’ll be taking a more constructive approach and sharing some top tips to pep up your summer style.
Think Smart When it Comes to Fabric
Don’t get caught out in wool, tweed or corduroy when the mercury rises. As much as that tweed blazer is a great piece of clothing, it doesn’t look good or smell great when dripping in sweat. You should look at going seasonal with your fabric. Key fabrics to look out for are seersucker, linen, cotton and silk.
You want a cool, soft fabric that doesn’t cling to your skin during the day to allow air to circulate more effectively, which reduces sweat and overheating. Cotton and silk are a bit of a let down on humid days for their retention of moisture, whilst linen on the other hand can absorb and lose water exceptionally quick.
Find the Right Shorts for You
This may seem rather obvious, but a good pair of shorts forms the cornerstone of your summer wardrobe. Many men seem to be misinformed on what constitutes a ‘good’ pair of shorts but there is a set of characteristics that you should look out for.
The key is creating a good silhouette. They should end just above the knee and fit you as well as a pair of jeans. You don’t want them too baggy but on the other hand you don’t want them too tight. Also, stay clear of adding excess bulk through cargo-like pockets, you want people admiring shorts not wondering whether you’ve had an accident.
3. Be Bold
Each year men’s summer wear takes a giant leap towards boldness. First came colour and now prints dominate the high street. Summer is the perfect time to be braver with attire choices as we lose the art of layering as the temperature rises.
Throwing in a bright colour or bold print is the perfect way to alleviate from bland outfits and lack of depth elsewhere. Take the time to experiment with the multitude of colours and patterns available to find one that suits you.
If you’re opting for a pattern, be advised to keep everything else solid. You don’t want to look like you’ve woken up and fell into your wardrobe. Although if you’re feeling particularly courageous and fashion forward you might be able to find patterns that work together.
4. Get Short-Sleeve Shirts Correct
When it comes to warm weather there’s nothing more appropriate. You want to aim for a shirt where the sleeves finish mid-bicep and you should only be able to fit a finger between your arm and the sleeve. It’s also essential that you make sure it fits you through the shoulders and chest too.
Short sleeve shirts also make for a great layering option when the weather can’t decide to be roasting or warm. Pairing them with a vest or T-shirt will add depth to your outfit and they are easily removed if the sun peeks about from behind a cloud.
Again there is a varied selection of colours and patterns up for grabs, so if you go for a pattern make sure you keep the shorts to a solid colour. 
5. Don’t Rely on Flip Flops
It’s so tempting to make flip flops your go-to shoes in the summer when life is going at slower pace and you’re spending your afternoons at barbecues and beer gardens. But stay clear – flip flops should be strictly kept to the beach and pool! 
There are tons of options to choose from, including boat shoes, low-top sneakers, desert boots and leather sandals. These styles mainly call for going sockless but invisible socks are a great way to maintain comfort on days where you might be walking around a bit.
6. Make a Statement with Accessories
Women seem to have abundances of accessories to make their outfits stand out from the crowd but fear not, there are choices for men too.
Hats are a great option for the summer because as well as protecting your head and face from the sun, they can add a unique twist to an outfit. A lightweight canvas bag is a great addition also, again adding a depth to your look whilst also being rather useful for storing that lightweight jacket or shirt ready for the weather to take a turn. 
You should trade your heavy leather belts for a lighter canvas or plaited leather one so you’re not left with a bulky waist against your less dense fabrics. This small change allows for a more casual look and you can play around with an extra colour.
Finally, opt for a classic style of sunglasses like the aviator or wayfarer. Newer styles and shapes come and go but these timeless pieces offer effortless coolness to whoever dons a pair.
What summer style tips for men do you know? Have your say in the comments section below.