Top 5 Apprentice Candidates of all time

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Written by Al Smith

With everyone’s favourite business show returning to our screens this week, we look back at the top previous candidates. The candidates on this list are not remembered for their stellar business skills, but mainly for making themselves fools! Do you remember them?

#5 Katie Hopkins

Everyone’s favourite villain Katie Hopkins grew from the third season of apprentice where she lorded over the rest of her colleagues and acted like a generally horrible person. Her real moment of madness came when she verbally attacked the people she was trying to sell products to, by calling people who watched the shopping channel overweight and lazy. I wonder why nobody likes her?

#4 Susan ma

Susan was not quite as bigger catastrophe as some on this list, but she did drop a monumental clanger that she will never forget. When attending a task in Paris where she had to sell to French buyers, she showed a level of staggering idiocy, asking questions like “do people drive in France?”, “Do the French go camping?” and my personal favourite “Do the French love their children?”.  Despite getting quite far in the competition, and subsequently going into business with Lord Sugar independently of the competition, I’m sure she’ll never live that one down.

#3 Lee McQueen

Lee McQueen is the only candidate on our list who actually won the show. In season four, Lee was an excellent contestant losing just 3 times and never appearing in the boardroom. Yet his memorable moment came in the interview stage where it very nearly all went wrong. Lee provided information that he spent 2 years at University whilst he only actually did four months, as if this wasn’t embarrassing enough, he claimed he could do an impression of a reverse pterodactyl, an act which he then preformed in the interview. It made for excellent viewing, but was a cringe-worthy moment at the same time.

#2 Michael Sophacles

Up against season four winner McQueen, Michael Sophacles stood no chance. In fact he stood no chance even if Lee hadn’t been in the show. Sophacles didn’t just make one mistake, but several over the course of his surprisingly long lifespan. Trying to sell rides in supercars at a fruit and veg market. Selling wholesale fish to business offices. He even said during his time that “there wasn’t anyone he wouldn’t screw over to get the prize”. Maybe he thought that would make him a real winner. Worse than all of this however was his chicken fiasco in Marrakech, when he got confused between halal and kosher meat despite claiming to be Jewish!  

#1 Stuart Baggs

Our number one spot could go to no other than Stuart ‘the brand’ Baggs. Avid viewers of The Apprentice have never seen entertainment like it, and probably never will. His continued self-promotion did nothing to help him win series six, where he was eventually kicked out when Lord Sugar couldn’t take it anymore. It probably had something to do with Stuart’s constant reminders that he bought his first Porsche when he was 21! Some of his most big headed remarks include “I’m not a one trick pony, I’m not a 10 trick pony, I’m a whole field of ponies and they’re literally all running towards this job” and “Everything I touch turns to sold”.

Despite enjoying some truly ridiculous moments throughout the past seasons of The Apprentice we can still hope that season 10 brings with it another Ma or another Hopkins, however I doubt we’ll ever see anything as idiotic as Stuart Baggs!