Style your hair like you would style your outfit

Written by alexwright

Yes! You heard it headbands, hair clips, scrunchies and ties are all back in fashion, your dreams off living up to the fashion icons of those from gossip girl can finally become a reality. As we shadow into the spring of 2020 hair accessories will be the remaining individuality to an individual’s style. From, a pearled headband, to a coloured scrunchy there is multiple ways to dress-up and dress-down your style. 

Indeed, hair accessories can not be too everyones taste, however, we live in a society where style is so individual there is sure to be something available for all! 


This season, headbands are seemingly the number one accessory to pair with any such fashion. Seen in the past thick headbands were all the rage, indeed they still are, however thin headbands seem to be the winning headband entering this summer. From pearls, to flowers there is a headband out their perfect for any event. 

Notably, an elegant pearl headband is becoming more popular to style up a modern yet classy outfit. Seen, by the likes of Jessica Alba who regaled  a feathered dress accompanied by a beautiful pearled headband as one of her gorgeous red-carpet looks. The more traditional pearl-emebllished headband is more commonly used to create a classy yet formal look on an outfit leading into summer. 


Increasingly popular is the more simplistic thick velvet headband, demonstrated by many well-loved celebrities in order to spice up their already admired outfits. These influential headbands first saw their come back in the Prada fashion show of 2019, where they advertised their extra-thick headbands. They became a popular icon, which we definitely know would be fashion approved by the iconic Blair Waldorf!. 

Strikingly, the compelling fashion of the royal family intrigues many fashion admirers from their elegant high-class style to their prim and proper jewlerry. Back in 2008 Kate Middleton wore a black velvet padded headband dazzling many people into the styling of your hair. From then peoples interest in headbands has grown significantly. 

Boyfriend jeans

Consequently, many celebrities have challenged the wide selection of coloured knotted headbands including neon, pastels and animal prints. Notably, Zendaya’s bright and enthusiastic style pairs perfectly with her matching headbands to add a sense of individuality and freedom. Significantly, many celebrities have styled the perfect knotted headband with both casual day outfits and classy evening outfits. Poppy Delevinge styled an animal print summarily with a jumper and boyfriend jeans, so simple yet so effective!

The popular headband despite being a classical favourite is sometimes not for everyone, however the perfect scrunchy will match any look. Back in the 90s scrunchies were more functional than fashion, simply used as a more stylish way to tie your hair up. Now, scrunchies are an incorporated fashion statement, especially in summer. Sometimes the more simple details are the best!

Whether your hair is in a high pony, a low pony, a bun or even on your wrist a scrunchy is the perfect way to spice up your style. Making a beautiful dress classy and slick to adding colour to your essential summer look, a scrunchy is the perfect accessory for any occasion. We can even see Jason Momoa rocking a personalised Fendi scrunchy on his wrist when attending the Oscars last year.


Recently, the growing tagline “The Bigger The Better” is certainly becoming the case for scrunchies. I’m sure scrolling through your instagram feed you have seen many scrunchies getting bigger by the day… who knows how big this fashion trend will go!

Across the younger generation pearl hair clips are becoming more prominent to dress-up your outfit. The delicate hair clip can be worn several ways whether you like your hair wavy, straight up or down this cute accessory will attract many to your stylish appearance.

Similar, to the trending pearl clips in vogue are the exquisite hair pins that add delicacy and gracefulness to any hairstyle. You may relive your childhood in hair clips however they have been re-introduced almost in a grown up fashion. What’s not to like about them? 

Bows are controversial many despise the childish look they have to them while others adore the prim school-girl look they flavour, commonly seen in the admire character of Blair Waldorf who is known as the queen of the preppy school-girl look. A popular trend with bows is the repeated phrase “the bigger the better” to add a confident and spirited touch to your ensemble. Nonetheless, a more minimal and modest bow seems to be the favourite amongst celebrities with delicate hair styles. Even pearled detailing on the bow offers an innocent yet delicate feel to the re-invented bow from your childhood. 

If the classical more fragile hair accessories are not the one for you why not try a hair scarf? They are spiritual and matchless in how they excite your outfit. They are so individualist, if you find the perfect one for you! Explore the colours, the patterns, the satin to the cotton, there is one matching your occasion. Styling your hair in a pony tail, a bun, incorporated into a braid or simply tied to for a headband, they can truly match your independent style. 

Exploring the passion and delicacy behind adding a hair accessory to your style is truly eye opening in how such a minimal touch can change you whole outfit. So, I say why not seek your perfect headband, clip or whatever suits you to enter fashionably into the spring of 2020!!! 

“A woman makes an outfit her own with accessories. ”     

Oscar de la Renta