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How to decorate your bedroom on a budget

Written by Nigel Simpkins

As your own personal space, your bedroom is one of the most important rooms in your home. When decorated according to your taste, your bedroom can be your own little slice of paradise, but when it looks sad and uninviting, it’s no longer the perfect place to relax and unwind after a long day. Your bedroom’s decor is therefore important for creating the right atmosphere, but you don’t have to break the bank when redesigning this space. Here are some ideas on how you can decorate your bedroom on a budget.

Wall art:

Adding life to your bedroom walls could be as simple as giving them a fresh coat of paint or hanging up some wall art. In particular, wall art can be used to match and elevate any style you’re going for due to the variety of designs you can choose from, such as modern, abstract designs to traditional-looking landscape paintings. To add a personal touch to your bedroom decor and make it truly fit you, you could hang up cheap canvas photo prints of your favourite photos of friends, family and holiday destinations. This will brighten your mood and make your bedroom feel cosy and inviting.

Wall hangings:

Wall hangings are also great for decorating your bedroom walls. Tapestry wall hangings, which come in a variety of patterns and colours, can create a soft and comfortable atmosphere, and you can also choose other hanging and 3D decorations like wooden wall art and metal sculptures. You can find many cheap options online or create your own wall hangings if you’re feeling creative!

Fairy lights: 

Lighting can transform any room, so changing your lighting could be a cheap and easy way to redecorate your bedroom. Small lamps on your bedside tables could give the perfect amount of light for reading in the evening, or if you want to really focus on creating a cosy atmosphere, fairy lights could be the right choice for your bedroom. Hanging these lights all around your room will give a soft, ethereal glow to this space.


Plants are very popular as decorations, and looking after houseplants can also be fun and rewarding. Having a few plants in your bedroom will add some extra colour to the space and will also give you several benefits, including better air quality and stress relief. Better still, you can easily find cheap plants in a variety of shops, which is perfect if you’re on a budget.


Sometimes all you need to complete a room is a beautiful and cosy rug. If your bedroom feels a little bare and cold, this could be a sign that a rug in the centre of the room would be a great addition to the space. Matching the rug to your room’s colour scheme could tie everything together, or if you’re feeling daring, you could make the rug a statement by going for a bolder colour or design.

Your bedroom is one of the most important rooms in your home, so don’t neglect it by not decorating it with as much care as the rest of your rooms. By following the advice listed above, you can make your bedroom feel comfortable and inviting without spending too much money.