The 7 best hair oils for dry, damaged hair

dry hair
Written by C Wolsey

During every season, your hair is susceptible to harsh weather conditions. Snow, rain, or sun rays can quickly damage it and leave you with a messy haircut. The same goes for cutting and styling your hair, which can dehydrate your scalp and strands.

With so many things affecting your hair, maintaining the perfect hairstyle is challenging, especially in a pandemic. However, it is achievable. All you need to do is read some guidelines provided by Scissor Tech UK, choose the right products, and implement a few healthy practices into your hair care routine.

If your hair is dry and damaged, do not lose hope. By using high-quality hair oils, you can restore your messy hairstyle to its former glory, and if you find an all beauty discount code, you don’t even have to worry about the cost. Here are some products that you can use to achieve this goal!

Aveda Beautifying Composition Oil

When your scalp is dry, your hair will suffer the same fate. Aveda’s composition oil can help you eliminate this problem and let you enjoy having perfectly moisturised hair.

Thanks to its unique combination of jojoba oil, rosemary and bergamot, this hair oil is an excellent choice for every hair type. Only a few drops of it can encourage healthier hair growth and eliminate frizz. Try it out for yourself, and you will not be disappointed.

The Inkey List Shea Oil Nourishing Hair Treatment

The Inkey List’s nourishing oil is probably the best hair oil for fine hair, although it can work for all hair types. Dry and brittle ends are no match for this product as it eliminates them with ease. It also replenishes the strands without making them oily and greasy.

This hair oil works exceptionally well as a pre-shampoo treatment. Take full advantage of its benefits and use it to repair your dry hair and add shine to it.

Olaplex No. 7 Bonding Oil

Olaplex is well-known for its excellent products and this one is no different. The No. 7 bonding oil is a saving grace for all people with hair issues and is considered by many to be the best oil for dry and fine hair.

After heat styling, straightening or perming your hair, you can end up with a head full of split ends. In this situation, try Olaplex’s hair oil. It will smooth down frizz and flyaways. Additionally, it will bring additional moisture to your scalp!

Moroccanoil Treatment

This hair oil’s formula may be able to heal even the most damaged hair. The combination of argan oil and linseed extract that it contains allows every strand to get all the essential fatty acids it needs.

When you have thick hair, try out Moroccanoil Treatment. Shortly after you add this oil into your hair routine, you should notice numerous positive effects it brings. For best results, use it before blow-drying your hair. It will create a protective barrier around the hair and nourish it back to health.

Ouai Hair Oil

Considered by many as the best hair oil on the market, Ouai’s hair oil brings many benefits to the table. You can apply it to dry and wet hair. Additionally, it is a lightweight oil that will not weigh down on your strands. Its blend of African galanga and Asian borage oils can transform dry, brittle hair into the best hair you can imagine.

If you love to use blow dryers and straighteners, add this moisturising oil to your hair before you turn on the heat. It will allow you to enhance your beauty without damaging your hair. Moreover, it will coat your damp hair to boost shine and strength.

Living Proof No Frizz Nourishing Oil

Living Proof’s product is the option you should choose if you want to keep a natural look without worrying about tangled strands. It is one of the best hair oils for thick and curly hair, as it delivers deep moisture into the hair follicles and gives all of the strands a non-greasy shine.

If you struggle to keep your locks under control, try out a nourishing oil treatment. The mix of oils it provides will repair your dry hair and improve your overall beauty.

Bumble and Bumble Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil

Bumble and Bumble’s invisible oil is probably the best hair oil for curly and textured hair types. Its formula consists of coconut oil, argan oil, sweet almond oil, and many other natural ingredients. This unique combination turns every bath into an incredible experience while keeping your hair smooth and protected at the same time.

When too much sun exposure leaves you with damaged or dull hair, try out the invisible oil. Argan oil will smooth down frizz and flyaways, and the rest of its ingredients will give your hair extra moisture and shine.

The Bottom Line

Many people think that the problem they have with their hair is an unsolvable case. That is not necessarily true. Regardless of your hair type or texture, you can achieve healthy and non-greasy strands. All it takes is a few smart choices and a little bit of effort.

Choosing which hair oil is best for your hair can be pretty complicated. Nonetheless, with some helpful information on beauty products, you should be able to  make an educated decision. Remember not to get discouraged by a few bad purchases. It is perfectly natural to not find the perfect product on the first try.

If you take our advice into account and pick the hair oil that will suit your needs best, you should be able to repair your damaged hair in no time. Good luck!