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Three spooky podcasts you should listen to

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Written by JennyRose

I’m a bit late on the podcast hype, however, I’m kind of glad because now I have a huge amount of episodes to catch up on. There is nothing better than getting cosy in a nook, with a hot beverage, and listening to a good podcast. I absolutely love all things scary and sinister, and fortunately, there’s an abundance of this kind of thing available online; with that being said, I’m now going to share with you some of my 3 favourite spooky podcasts!


Starting with the first podcast I ever listened to, and my all-time favourite – Lore. In less than two years, Adam Mahnke’s podcast has unexpectedly boomed and now receives more than 5 million downloads per month; it’s also being produced as an Amazon TV show which is expected to be amazing.

Mahnke does phenomenal research for his podcast and writes it all up so well; it’s so gripping and always hits you hardest right at the end of an episode. Mahnke does not only touch on folklore, myths, and urban legends but also delves into the realm of the real world and shows how dark it can be.

I tend to have an issue with very dramatic, expressive voices in podcasts as I feel it has the opposite effect of being scary, however, Mahnke’s voice and expression are perfect. He is actually releasing a book called “The World of Lore: Volume 1: Monstrous Creatures”, and also has a range of supernatural thriller books already published. I have learned so much about serial killers, historical events, different legends and cultures and more just from listening to this podcast – I highly recommend it!

The Black Tapes

This one is a weekly podcast drama about a journalist and her investigation into mysterious subjects, and ghosts. The journalist, Alex Reagan, becomes interested in a paranormal skeptics collection of unsolved cases, which she names “The Black Tapes”, and the whole podcast is basically an exploration of all these eerie tapes.

It sounds fairly cheesy sometimes, but it becomes quite addictive and will always keep you interested with its twists and turns; if you begin it, don’t give up too fast because it starts out a little slow but picks up eventually. I wouldn’t say it’s something that will make you frantically look over your shoulder upon hearing any strange noise, but I can ensure you that it will grip and engage you.

The No Sleep Podcast

In 2011, David Cummings released the very first episode of this podcast, and it was all inspired from the ‘NoSleep’ subreddit, which included plenty of horrifying and supposedly “true” scary stories. Due to its success, it now has a handful of brilliant voice actors, producers, as well as composers, which all work together to make the podcast super tense, and spooky.

No Sleep is arguably the best fictional story reading podcast out there, and I’m sure it won’t disappoint you if you need your weekly fix of spookiness. The stories are mainly in the first person and are created to make you believe that you are listening to a real person’s account of events. It can be likened to the old fashioned and traditional way of telling a story over the campfire.

Sometimes I find the voice actors a little too expressive, but I feel that is probably personal choice as I favour a creepy monotonous drone when hearing scary stories – the actors are talented nonetheless.

If you’re not someone who scares easily, it’s likely that none of these podcasts will be able to successfully freak you out so that you won’t sleep at night, but I can guarantee they are all really good at setting a creepy vibe and keep you wanting more!