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The power of frozen: Making the most of your food

The other day I was shocked as a good friend started cooking bolognese, then got out some frozen diced onions. I had no idea such a thing existed, and even more so that someone would use it. I expressed my shock and was quickly told (more like asked) to re-evaluate my position. Shortly after, I did. As a mother of two children aged 4 and 1, time was important as well as cooking a good meal for her children. What was so bad about having onions which had been preserved by freezing and saved someone time and energy?

Just as good

After an hour with the food eaten, I was a happy foodie. The onions had been cooked perfectly, and if I had not seen them in their packaging I would have had no idea they were frozen. So now I am a convert. I haven’t bought any yet, but they’re available in all supermarkets, not just the one you would expect. 

Freshness can make a big impact on food, but preparation and knowing how to cook are just as important. The issue for this is about making sure that people make the most out of their food. There has been an increase in popularity for the #WasteNot campaign by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall. He has waged a campaign against the supermarkets on their store policy but at a more granular level, looking at family’s cooking preparation and how they can use the food that they would generally throw away.

No need to throw food away

Many times, I have had unused vegetables or food end up in the bin, but I have recently learned to use my freezer and to preserve food. Especially after Christmas, with all the leftovers there’s no need to just throw it away. Hundreds of pounds are spent on food for the holiday period, so why waste it? Knowing what to cook is the start, and the internet can be used for so many ideas; literally just type it into any search engine and bloggers, chefs and foodies will all have tips for you.

Students, young families or those who have spent too much money over the holidays should focus on making the most of the contents of their freezer. Make sure to defrost frozen goods thoroughly, and then with some magic you can cook whatever you like. Cooking is a social part of life and something which you can share with friends and loved ones. If you don’t have the time to spend chopping or cleaning, then look for the shortcuts to save time and money. Make sure that you have time to enjoy the food as a group, and nominate someone else to clean up! 

Are you a frozen foods convert? Let us know in the comments below!