Should Sonny Bill Williams apologise?

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Recently, All Black Sonny Bill Williams, who is a UNICEF ambassador, has been criticised for sharing images of dead children on Twitter.

Williams, who recently visited refugees in Lebanon with the organisation, tweeted the images in an attempt to raise awareness of the Syrian crisis, asking, “What did these children do to deserve this?”

The reaction has been split between people who support his actions saying it highlights what is happening (especially with the air strikes over the region), and those who criticised him, saying it was too much. 

Unicef have criticised the tweet, telling the NZ Herald,”We see it as a fundamental infringement of those children’s rights. But at the same time, we don’t have the capacity to sensor or edit private citizens’ showing what they find on their individual explorations online.”

The original tweet can be seen here (WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT).

Personally, I don’t think Williams has anything to appolgise for apart from not giving a warning as to what the images were beforehand. While he does have young fans following his social media accounts (one of the reasons for the criticism), these images, and others like them, can be found elsewhere online. While no one wants to see an image of a dead body (especially one of a child), we should not shy away from facts even if the truth makes us feel uncomfortable.

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