The Enfield Haunting Episode 2: The plot thickens

Episode 2 of Sky’s terrifying new drama The Enfield Haunting aired this past Sunday. I’ve been following it and this week – what a fright!

Things picked up where we left them last week with Playfair realising that little Janet isn’t making stuff up and that the poltergeist is real. Since their studies and experiments seem to have been unsuccessful so far, Playfair reckoned they needed more help to catch the ghost, suggesting that a medium visits the house. Of course, the first thing to be addressed was the fact that Hodgson’s house is a house of death, especially for Maurice. They positioned the medium in the middle of the living room and, with the help of her assistant, the connection began. The poltergeist took quick possession of the medium’s body and started saying a number of incomprehensible things—not because we’re stupid, just because it didn’t make sense. First, it seemed like a scared child urging the bad man to go away, then it again began talking in bits and pieces. At some point, it looked like it was trying to kill the medium. However, when the assistant tried to intervene, the medium/poltergeist grabbed his hand with such a brutal force that the little mirror he held cut into his flesh. Blood alert!


What the poltergeist actually managed to say made everything more confusing and intriguing at the same time. Had he dropped a clue that could help us—mostly them, though—solve the ghostly puzzle? At this point, thoughts started to form in my head: is a child involved in this? If so, what does it have to do with the ‘bad man’?

Janet’s role

The characters were just as freaked out by what happened as we were sitting at home. They decided that the best thing they could do to protect Janet was to send her away (I presume to neighbours). Although, that seriously wasn’t going to help, was it? Janet saw him in the bathroom mirror—which was a fairly predictable and obvious shot—on her first night away and, on the second, she tried to fix the “mess” that he made in the neighbour’s living room, where all their precious glass figures were carefully positioned on the coffee table and on the floor around it. Convenient.

Okay, so sending Janet away didn’t work, so they tried to communicate with “it,” even against the medium’s advice. Playfair started asking Yes/No questions, but when they noticed the poltergeist was responding to little Janet, they made her ask the questions. Finally, we discovered more pieces of the puzzle, especially when the ghost took possession of Janet’s body and revealed his name.

So, introducing our poltergeist – his name is Joe and he died in one of the living room armchairs. Spooky.

Who is (was) Joe?

Maurice then investigated and searched the old archives at the library to find out if there was anyone named Joe who lived in the house. Apparently, Joe Watson did. Maruice looked up some relatives of his still alive and ended up chatting with Joe’s son. Curiously, the son seemed to think that if his father’s spirit is lingering, that house is the last place he’d ever be. We also discovered that he had a sister, but she killed herself by jumping in front of a bus—or at least that’s what we’re meant to assume.

More questions, questions, questions. Did Joe abuse his daughter? Is that why she committed suicide? Is there still a child involved in all this?

Don’t miss the third and final episode of The Enfield Haunting. Airing next Sunday May 17th on Sky at 9pm. Missed the first episode? Catch up here.