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The defamation of the virgin archetype

The history shows us that keeping one’s virginity was viewed as an honourable thing, especially when it came to ladies. Now society sees it as something with a use by date. Most virgins in their twenties tend to feel a sense of shame because they still haven’t ‘lost it’. They often feel like there is something wrong with them because they still haven’t had a sexual partner and they are put under a lot of pressure to change their virginal status as if it was something shameful.

There are several widely spread misconceptions about adult virgins, starting with religion and continuing on, never seeming to end.

Religion and Sex

As much as it is easy to assume that all virgins are highly religious, it is not like that. Religion does not stop you from having sex. If you want it, you will find a way around it. My co-worker Tasha was a very religious person and she married her husband young simply because they wanted to have sex but they didn’t want to anger God. God has rarely anything to do with how long one keeps their virginity.

When the religion fails, there is always the stereotype of virgins being naïve and clueless waiting for Prince or Princess Charming to arrive on their white horse. While everyone likes to dream of ‘the one’ showing up and sweeping them off of their feet, people are rarely ignorant enough to not realize that things like that happen rather differently in the real world and virgins are not aliens from a different planet, they too know that Charming lives only in the books.

Assuming that staying without sex for an entire life time leaves people desperate enough to not care with whom they finally do the ‘act’ is a risqué assumption to make. When someone shares such personal information with you, it means that they showed you an enormous amount of trust and labelling that person as someone who is just waiting for anyone to take them to bed then destroys all the faith that person had in you. Some of my virgin friends admitted that they lost a few friends, when they tried to make a move on them because they ‘obviously’ wanted it and were only ‘playing hard to get’.

It’s not rocket science

Although, virgins don’t have any actual sexual experience they are not completely clueless about the logistics of the whole act.  Porn is a genre that is widely watched by everyone and yes, virgins watch porn too. As a result they don’t get uncomfortable when someone starts talking about sex in their presence. Since they have no one to satisfy their urges with, they turn to the next best thing and porn is an easy source of necessary stimuli. So once and for all. Virgins watch porn too.

There isn’t a God raising a finger behind every virgin on earth. The reasons for someone not having sex are usually rather simple and straightforward. There wasn’t a chance, or their life was too busy to find themselves a partner, they didn’t feel ready, or they didn’t feel like it. No matter what the reason, it is a personal thing that each person should get to decide on their own not because their friends think you should do it or because society starts looking for what is wrong with you. Otherwise, where would be the enjoyment in that?