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The best social media management tools for journalists

Journalism can be hectic.

Journalism can be hectic. First you’ve got to research, and then you’ve got to write, edit and pray you’ll meet your deadline. So where on earth are you supposed to find time to promote your posts and manage your social media? 

It starts by sharing a post or replying to a tweet and before you know it you’ve used up all the time you were supposed to spend writing!

Here are my top three tools to help you efficiently manage your social media.


Hootsuite is definitely a weapon you want to have in your arsenal. I use it a lot to promote both new and old articles as well as engaging on social media. It has some great features including:

Main Features:

  • Add up to five social networks (including: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, G+ Pages, etc.). 
  • Add apps to manage your Instagram, YouTube and Tumblr accounts
  • Access and interact with your social media streams (e.g. timeline, mentions etc.)
  • Send the same message across all networks
  • Schedule posts (autoschedule feature also allows you to send posts at an optimal time)
  • Save templates for posts you send often
  • Add attachments to posts (e.g. images)
  • Analytics reports

You can also upgrade to a Hootsuite Pro account to add more networks and get other bonuses. Hootsuite’s mobile app means you can also use Hootsuiteon the go.

Get Hootsuite.


Buffer is a lot like Hootsuite in terms of posting, but you cannot see your social media streams. However, it’s still got some features that can help you with your social media effort! 

Main Features:

  • Add multiple social networks
  • Schedule posts or ‘Buffer’ to use the autoschedule feature
  • Set a posting schedule so that Buffered posts go out at certain times each day
  • Add attachments to messages (e.g. images)
  • Analytics

Buffer accounts can also be upgraded to an Awesome plan if you want to add more networks and access other features.

Get Buffer.


IFTTT is a mobile app focused on automation. Users create recipes to automate tasks such as thanking new followers with a tweet or pocketing links from tweets they’ve favourited. While it’s capabilities expand beyond social media, that’s where journalists will find it most useful.

Main Features:

  • Automates processes
  • Recipes between apps can sometimes not be achieved manually 
  • Can increase productivity
  • Can aid life outside journalism (e.g. Emailing you today’s weather)


Those are the three main social media management tools to help you as a journalist. There are many others (such as Postcard) that didn’t make the list, but are still worthy tools that I’d recommend checking out.

Try out these tools and drop a comment to let us know how you get on. Alternatively, if you think a vital tool has been missed out then let us know!

Photo: Blue Genie / Flickr