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The best restaurants for a great vegetarian meal

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Written by katewilliams29

When going out to eat as a vegetarian it can often leave you in a difficult situation. Your friends want to go to a burger restaurant or steak house, and you oblige knowing full well your meal tonight is going to be slim to none. Kate Williams has a run down of five restaurant recommendations that best cater for vegetarians.

Las Iguanas

Las Iguanas is my first choice of restaurant to eat out at. Over the 11 years of being a vegetarian I have struggled to eat out at certain places. In this span I’ve also been a vegan. Now if you fit in to any of those two categories this restaurant is the place for you and shall not be missed off the list. It has an entirely separate menu, which caters completely for vegetarians and vegans. That went above and beyond my first tick of the checklist. Some restaurants barely have more than two options, but a whole new menu, yes please! Full of Latin American dishes, this menu boasts nachos, vegetable skewers, burritos and enchiladas, which are just a few of my favourites. I’ve never seen so many “v” symbols as I have with the menu at Las Iguanas. For me, it really is the winner out of all of these.


With a whopping 20 vegetarian savoury options on the menu, how can you not enjoy the taste of Japanese? This is a new one for me if I’m honest. Having first gone there late last year, I’ve since been back time and time again bringing anyone willing with me. My favourite combination is yasai yaki soba with yasai gyoza, a match made in heaven. There is such a variety of choice from curry to noodles or miso soup, you could try something different every visit for a while and not get bored.


Nando’s seems to be loved by just about anyone and everyone. It’s known as a chicken restaurant, with out of this world Portuguese seasoning, but don’t be fooled, it also offers a good selection of vegetarian options. Whether it’s a burger, wrap or pita you’re after, it can be stuffed with a veggie, beanie or portobello mushroom and grilled halloumi filling. The seasoning they add on top is of course a lovely bonus. This restaurant will of course keep your meat-eating friends, as well as yourself, very happy and content.


Now this is very similar to Las Iguanas on the menu front, consisting of quesadillas, fajitas, enchiladas, flatbreads, burritos, tacos, baked wraps and burgers. This time the flavours of Mexico are incorporated. This is another great option if you’re going with a group of meat lovers, as steak and burgers are options for them. It also offers a flavour kick for those that feel like they need it.

Pizza Express

Lastly, an Italian option. Who can resist a good pizza with good company? With salads, pastas and of course a long list of pizza topping combinations on the menu, this one is great if it’s pizza or a taste of Italy you’re after. The starters and sides are also great options with polenta chips, garlic bread, dough balls, bruschetta and olives just some of the options.

So there we have my top 5 vegetarian friendly restaurants that don’t just offer vegetarian food, but also taste sensations from around the globe. I hope this helps the next time you’re booking a group meal out but need some help.