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Pizza Pilgrims (Dean St, Soho): worth a pilgrimage

Written by karishmaj

Having read a favourable review of Pizza Pilgrims in a recent Time Out and being a big pizza fan, I didn’t need much else to convince me to visit. Located on Dean Street which has a plethora of other restaurants and is just a stone’s throw from Chinatown, there are a lot of other options. Yet, even with a Pizza Express just across the road, this was definitely the right choice (and I love Pizza Express).

A sense of atmosphere 

Checked tablecloths and compact seating give off a cafe-like vibe, though this is so easily countered by small candles on the tables and mirrors on the wall which make it seem bigger and yet more intimate. Fusing these features results in a paradoxical atmosphere which works: relaxed, warm and trendy. 

Added to by the service, there is a friendly constancy about it. Staff are friendly as soon as you arrive despite it being relatively busy. Our waitress was happy enough to explain what “flor di latte” was (cow’s milk mozzarella, not coffee, in case you’re wondering) and checked on us a few times throughout.

All about the food

Of course, atmosphere and service is all important, but the food itself is actually all-important. Options include cheese less pizza and also white pizzas without a tomato base. 

Going for a classic margherita with mushrooms, it thankfully wasn’t at all run-of the mill. A thin base with thick but fluffy crust meant it the dough was not overpowering or chewy, but exactly right. Rich tomato, mellow cheese and flavourful basil with buttery mushrooms was the perfect flavour combination. Reasonably priced, authentic in taste and quick service means they must certainly be giving Pizza Express a run for their money.

Though their desserts look unconventional and interesting, I wasn’t convinced into trying a nutella and salted ricotta pizza ring. Some things ought to remain savoury, though perhaps next time I’ll be brave enough to try the vanilla ice cram with olive oil and sea salt. Macaroons from Patisserie Valerie was definitely not a bad choice if you want to stick to what you know and love. 

Worth a visit 

A classic menu with a few surprises, 1950s style interior and a bustling, friendly mood, it is definitely worth a visit. Quick and well priced for pizza which actually tastes Italian, it’s fresh, tasty and almost melts in your mouth.



With Guest Pizzas and Craft Beers of the month, there will always be something new to try, even though I already want to go back for what I’ve already had. More than recommended (if that’s even possible). I will definitely be referring to myself as a Pizza Pilgrim from now on.