Ten positive stories that made news this week

Written by JessicaCrisp

With Baroness Thatcher’s funeral, the Boston marathon explosions and Chris Hoy’s retirement, this week’s news has been more gloomy than average.

With Baroness Thatcher’s funeral, the Boston marathon explosions and Chris Hoy’s retirement, this week’s news has been more gloomy than average. But there’s always a silver lining if you look hard enough. Here are ten news stories from the past few days which are guaranteed to raise a smile.

The world’s longest roll cake record set at 130m in Tokyo
Beating the previous record of 115.09m, 90 pastry chefs whipped up 54kg of flour, 43kg of sugar and 2,682 eggs to make this super-sized dessert. Man v Food—your next challenge awaits.

Positive messages set to lift mood at central London station
To mark the first International Day of Happiness, Wake up London has organised an initiative to spread joy to stone-faced commuters. People gathered with placards bearing positive messages in bustling Liverpool Street Station to bring cheer to the capital. Happy Days!

Google Glass: No advertising allowed, developers told
Ok, so it’s not entirely clear what purpose these Google glasses will serve, but it is a pretty safe bet people are going to love having no adverts clogging up their display. Charging for apps is also prohibited. If only certain other companies had to abide by such rules (*Cough* Apple).

New Zealand legalises same sex marriage
The bill was passed with a majority of 77 votes in favour and 44 against, making New Zealand the first country in the Asia-Pacific region to legalise same sex marriage. Advocators celebrated the milestone by singing the New Zealand love song “Pokarekare Ana.”

The alpacas guarding baby lambs
Seeing lambs springing all over the place is a sure fire way to lift a gloomy spirit, that is until foxes find them. A farm in Berkshire has come up with an ingenious way to keep these bouncy bundles safe—alpaca bodyguards. No fox will get past these feisty fellas.

Super-powered battery breakthrough claimed by US
A new type of battery has been developed at the University of Illinois. Much smaller in size and many times more powerful, it is predicted it will revolutionise consumer electronics. Great for technology, but isn’t everything just getting too small these days?

Beckham will pass wages to children’s hospital
Ten weeks after the initial announcement, Le Parisien reported part of the footballer’s wages would be given to two charities, including the Necker Hospital in Paris. With a rumoured €200,000-a-week salary (£171,369), it’s good to see a footballer’s wage go to good use.

Diversity launch street dance classes
Possibly Britain’s Got Talent’s most successful winners have launched their own ‘Diversity Street Dance’ class at Fitness First centres across the country. It’s great to see these guys go from strength to strength and outlast the 15 minutes of fame which normally results from such high-profile talent shows.

New Star Wars film yearly from 2015
Disney has revealed a new Star Wars film will be released every year from 2015, alternating between new episodes and spinoff character films. Word is, Yoda will be the first to get his own film. Mega-fans are going to love this!

Investors bet on breeding success
Get into breeding bulls, sharpish. At just two years old, Garth has become the most expensive bull on the planet. Brought for a staggering £105,000, it is speculated his sperm will be sold on for up to £100 a pop. Now that’s an investment.

Finding a positive news story at any given time is a challenge, but hopefully these stories have left you feeling a little lighter and brighter, especially now the weather is looking set to turn its miserable back to us yet again.

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