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Social Craze: Facebook page dedicated to the worst kind of people

It’s strange, we love being annoyed, and something is sure to go viral if it annoys us.

It’s strange, we love being annoyed, and something is sure to go viral if it annoys us. The Facebook page, People Getting it Fucking Wrong, has seen its fan base explode in just 7 hours of joining Facebook with over 18,000 likes.
The people we hate
The page is dedicated to the people we hate. The people who bite into a whole KitKat without breaking it apart. The people who bite into a banana from the side and not from the top. These people are the worst of our kind, and scrolling through the photos hasn’t just annoyed me, it’s made me hate people more – something I didn’t think was possible. 
18,000 likes is a serious accomplishment in just over 7 hours, however, why is it the most annoying of things always go viral? We get so captivated by the irritating. I cannot say I am exempt, I remember being 11 years old and having Crazy Frog blasting through my retro Hi-Fi. Embarrassing.
All the wrong reasons
Remember Rebecca Black? I’m sure you can. ‘Friday’ was the possibly the worst song in the history of songs ever made, ever. We loved it for all the wrong reasons. When her sequel ‘Saturday’ was uploaded to YouTube, we couldn’t care less. Rebecca didn’t sound as bad in this song, it certainly wasn’t as annoying – therefore we don’t care. 
I love these websites though; simple humour and I think that’s what draws us to them the most. They are annoying, but they’re funny. I’ve seen a couple of comments on the photos of people saying the odd: “Omg get a life why does it matter about how someone eats a *insert type of food here*,” then again you always get someone trying to ruin the fun. 
Here are a few of my favourite images that have me pulling my hair out:
The worst one, and I am not liable for any damage you cause your screen, is this:
The new page is on par with Embarrassing Nightclub Photos of the Week. Remember that? It was like a 18+, online version Burn Book. Every girl who showed an inch of flesh was branded a superficial slag, and every guy was branded either ‘steroid dick’ and/or ‘gay.’
Another page that might take your fancy if you have not already been blessed with its existence is Badly Stuffed Animals. I highly suggest if you’re an animal lover that you do not visit this page, however I find it hilarious and sometimes heart breaking.
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Photo: Dimitris Kalogeropoylos / Flickr