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Social Craze: Daily Mail Sandwich

The Daily Mail published the headline “Is There No One Left In Britain Who Can Make A Sandwich?” This was of course about the company Greencore, who are responsible for making more than a third of sandwiches in the UK. As they are offering new jobs in a factory in Northampton yet no body wishes to apply to this new job.

This made the Daily Mail want to raise a question of if you could make a sandwhich? Surely it can’t be that hard? Two slices of bread, butter and your filling? Yet the Daily Mail believes that nobody in the UK can make a sandwich as they created a game in which to prove your sandwich making skills – check it out via

Forget about the game, you guys took to twitter and showed how you can make a mean cheese and pickle.


Okay, maybe some of you have not got the craft of the ham and cheese just yet but lets move forward and see what culinary skills we have on social media.

This seems to be looking better 

Just when you have hit the high note, it all comes crashing down again. No a DVD Player is not the same as a toaster…

For some of you it looks like this was a chance for you to apply for the job of being a sandwich maker, some of you did a pretty good job.

If this does not say “hire me” then I don’t know what does

One for all you jokers out there…

That’s just showing off

So what do you think, would you apply for this job? After seeing all these sandwiches it is making the Kettle team hungry, now where did I put my hummus?

What do you think of this weeks social craze? Got a favourite from the #DailyMailSandwich that you’d like to share? Tell us in the comment box below!