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Social Craze: Bey and J’s visit to the Louvre sparks meme outburst

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Written by elliegrounds

In breaking news this week, Beyoncé and Jay Z outdid every backpacker and tourist that has ever visited the Louvre and taken what they thought was a semi-comedic selfie with the Mona Lisa when Jay posted THIS to his Instagram:



Those who have been to the Parisian gallery will recall not being able to get this up-close-and-personal with the legendary artwork. Kept under strict, climate-controlled conditions in a case made of bullet proof glass, sassy and high-maintenance Mona demands officially (but obviously very loosely) that no photos are to be taken of her. So just how did Bey and Jay get so close? Simple – they had the whole entire gallery closed for them (and baby Blue Ivy). How? Please. This is Bey and Jay we are talking about. “Okay,” you say. “Carry on.”

Naturally, the World Wide Web went crazy for the pic. I mean LOCO. LIKE SERIOUSLY. Buzzfeed posted an article titled “No Picture Matters More Than Beyoncé and Jay Z Posing In Front Of The Mona Lisa”. PREACH. Anyway, all Photoshop hell broke loose. Here are some of the best remastered depictions of the Holy Trinity that is Queen B, Jay Z and the Mona Lisa:


The obvious first choice was the Bey and Mona Lisa switch. #modernculture #realtalk #beyonceisthequeenoftheworld:



So subtle you almost can’t tell the difference:



Next came the Carter family inception:

Too much Bey is NEVER ENOUGH BEY:



Then we moved on to the guest star, Yeezus himself:



Which then progressed into my personal favourite: a full Kimye production. Let’s read deeply into this picture: Kimye, small and in the background. Bey and Jay, proudly featured at the forefront. The way it should be. And the world is right once again.   



By Ellie Grounds


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