SEUM: Speedrunners from Hell Review

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Written by Holly Jane

SEUM: Speedrunners from Hell is freaking awesome. Go play it.

Okay, I'll go into a bit more detail. SEUM is a heavy metal FPS speedrunning platformer, kind of like throwing Doom, Super Meatboy and Slayer into a huge blender. The basics are it's a 3D platformer, jumping on floating platforms over a lava lake while glorious metal music is blasting away.

The 'story' is laughably stupid, and for that I love it. Our mulleted hero Marty had his 6 pack of beer stolen by demons, lost his arm (while gaining a demonic one instead) and dived into a portal to reclaim his sweet, sweet booze. This special arm also has the ability to shoot fireballs and to pick up the power-ups of hell.


These power-ups are what makes SEUM really stand out and shine. First up there's a levitate power-up, where holding right click will make Marty rise up. This can be used to fly through a level, and the game makes this torturous by putting spikes, saws, and bombs on every surface of some levels to ensure you have to maintain floating at a perfect height to avoid dying. The next power-up is a Dishonoured-esque teleport, which works by shooting a blue fireball out and teleporting to wherever it lands, with the bonus addition of being able to teleport to the ball in mid-flight by pressing right click again. Next, there's a recall power, which lets you place a checkpoint down and instantly snap back to that area again by right-clicking. Last and least, there is a power-up which spawns a platform wherever the fireball lands, which you can cancel early like the teleport. I hated this power-up, it felt very janky and it interrupted the flow of the level, in a lot of cases I used it to cheese a level by simply jumping and firing it down a la Minecraft to reach a higher platform.


Outside of its 100 level campaign, it has a endless mode which I ragequit not long after trying, as it removes the trial by error approach of the rest of the game as its randomly generated, and a time trial mode which plays all 10 stages of a level back to back to see how fast it could all be done. For replayability, outside of trying to go faster and faster (which is a very compelling reason), each level has hidden Beer collectables and multiple routes to completion.

To top it all off, for me, this game ran like a dream (besides the lack of a borderless mode). Granted, it's not an excellent looking game, it is very mid-2000s looking with it dark reds, browns, and blacks, but running well is always a plus. Another beautiful thing is the FOV can go all the way to 160, which I'm sure will please the settings fanatics dearly. I urge you to try this game. It does have a demo available on Steam, and its relatively low cost is definitely worth it. It's as addictive as chocolate coated crack cocaine.

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