Same-sex marriage – Is it the right time for gays to tie the knot?

There are certainly a lot of views on gay marriage, people feel very passionately about it one way or another.

There are certainly a lot of views on gay marriage, people feel very passionately about it one way or another. As someone who is very pro-gay rights (I’ve got the T-shirt to prove it), anything that makes individuals more equal is a good thing in my opinion. However I can see (some) of the counter arguments.

The first one is marriage is a religious institution, one, which in our society was adopted and sanctified by the Church (with a worryingly misogynistic undertone, by hey that’s a different subject.)

The Christian Church is fundamentally, if you follow what the Bible says, rather anti-gay. Why someone who is a practicing homosexual would want a blessing from an organisation that is completely disrespectful towards their choices is beyond me, but that’s for that individual to decide upon and to make their peace with.  

The truth is, I do not know how anyone can bang on about the sanctify of the matrimonial state when 60% of marriages in the UK end in divorce, when one to two women a week are killed by their domestic partners and finally the idea that children should be raised in a two parent heterosexual household goes out the window when you consider the number of single parents there are today. We can hardly say marriage is such a wonderful thing when heterosexuals clearly have no respect for it themselves.  

For me, it isn’t about gay marriage; it’s not even about marriage. Marriage is nothing more than a word, one that has been given far too much significance. The real debate that should be taking place; is why do we let religion and religious leaders have such a say in our society? Surely religion is a personal thing. Frankly if religion cannot adapt, who’s to say we shouldn’t go out and pick a different faith that doesn’t discriminate against members of our society? We should be protecting individuals and standing up for their rights, not listening to a bunch of privileged men who wear dresses on Sunday and listen to a text that in all fairness really does contradict itself quite a lot. Also the Bible encourages incest and child abuse – should we really be taking its sexual advice?

A side issue to consider is this, the world’s population has recently reached seven billion, shouldn’t we be encouraging those who are gay to be together, if nothing else but cynically to help reduce the populace?

Yes of course let homosexuals marry if they want to, why not? It’s a celebration of their feelings, ones which cement the ‘old-fashioned practice’ of commitment, love and trust, and what’s wrong with that? 

The romantic in me, says simply, who has the right to stop someone from marrying the one they love? Really that’s the thing we are missing today, they are not enough romantics out there.