Ruling your own little Kingdom – welcome to the world of blogging.

Some people write a blog to become more popular. Some write a blog to earn a little bit of extra money on the side.

Some people write a blog to become more popular. Some write a blog to earn a little bit of extra money on the side. Some use a blog to write about a specific topic or simply to write about everything and anything. While our initial motives may differ, I think that we can all admit that anyone who has their own blog uses it to give themselves somewhere to regularly write, no matter what topic is their focus. A blog can become a place without any constraints or restrictions. It is somewhere that we have free reign over; to some extent it is a form of a safe haven for us.

My Beautiful Bay, RockyFor me personally, my blog allows me the security of knowing that years down the line, I am still going to be able to look back and see how far I have come. I guess I have to admit that ‘My Beautiful Bay’ has become a form of a public diary for me, within which I document my thoughts and feelings on the ups and downs that horse ownership, in particular over my 14hh, pain in the back side, gelding Rocky, brings with it. It means that when I am having a bad day, I can let others know, I can hope for some advice on how to improve, but mainly it gives me a place to turn so that I can read through the archives and remind myself that the good days do actually exist in amongst the bad! In many ways writing my blog keeps me sane, it provides a place to rant, to unload, sometimes even to boast a little and to reminisce all at once.

Until I started writing this article I hadn’t really put much thought into why I do blog, actually sitting down and thinking about my reasons for starting up ‘My Beautiful Bay’ has made me realise how much a website can bring with it, thanks WordPress!   For what is ultimately such a simple idea (you log in, write, post, people read it), there is something truly magical about the whole process.

I can safely say, having been blogging for a few months now, that it is an addictive hobby and I keep finding myself returning to write more, as my blog becomes a place that, even in the midst of everything in the world around me, I am Queen of. So heed this warning fellow Princes and Princesses, I can assure you that the power of a blog, no matter what genre, can bring even the mighty to their knees and yet I can promise you that you will still see them dragging themselves back to their scribe to write more – unable to stay away. Yet, I must also tell you, my royal friends, that blogging can bring out the best in us and it won’t be long before your King and Queen crowns are rightly glistening upon your heads as you find your own niche in the blogging community. So what are you waiting for? You have your own kingdom just waiting to be unleashed for the world to see…


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