Review: Superdrug B. Skincare

Written by Emmi Bowles

The team over at Superdrug were kind enough to send us some of their B. Skincare products in exchange for an honest review.

We were given three products: The b. quick 4 in 1 cleansing wipes, the b. refined exfoliating cleanser and the B. pure micellar water.

Cleansing Wipes RRP £3.50

The 4 in 1 cleansing wipes definitely did the job and made my face feel fresher, especially in the morning. The product itself worked well however I was not too keen on the smell of the wipes as they were not scented with anything such as cucumber like most wipes are. The wipe had a quilted affect instead of a smooth wipe. I personally am not a fan of this style but I wouldn’t say it made a difference to the product.


Exfoliating Cleanser RRP £5.49

I loved this product. This exfoliating cleanser did the job wonderfully when it came down to clearing my face of dry skin and it left me feeling smooth. What I liked the most about it was how it was not rough like other cleansers. It was soft on the skin yet still exfoliated well – I have sensitive skin and it was perfect. Unlike the wipes I liked the smell of this product as it was slightly perfumed but did not irate my skin at all.


Micellar Water RRP £4.99

This was the first time I had ever used micellar water and didn’t really know what to expect. The bottle states that it is a 3 in 1 cleanser that dissolves impurities. I have to say it does what it says on the packaging because my skin was left feeling clean and clear of dirt and impurities. It wasn’t a sticky or oily solution which I liked and it didn’t irritate my skin at all.



I used the products every morning and night for one week and saw results in my skin as it became smoother and spots weren’t as prominent. After a few days the products did make some spots come out but this is something that tends to happen with any skincare stuff as it slowly clears your pores and makes your skin better.

I do not think I will be using the wipes again as I have other wipes which I prefer due to smell and texture but they did do the job when it came down to cleansing my skin. The exfoliating cleanser was by far one of my favourite exfoliators used to date and I will definitely be purchasing it for myself in the future and would highly recommend it to anybody with sensitive skin. Finely the micellar water which is a product very new to me took my buy surprise. It did the job well and left my skin feeling smooth and fresh.

All B. skincare products can be bought in Superdrug and are cruelty free.