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Period Sex: What are the benefits of it and why should you give it a go?

Written by Seonaid Mckay

Since the dawn of time, or more so the rise of my pubescent teen self, I have heard girls nattering in loos far and wide about not being able to go swimming, not being able to go out recklessly partying, and possibly the worst of all of the 'nots', not being able to have sex. Why? Because of that dastardly, bloody (no pun intended), niggly little thing that we all call a 'period'. 

Whilst living through the aches and pains, the stress, and the overall joy that is blood spilling out of our nether-regions, we still proceed to constantly limit ourselves in the bedroom because of it. It's simply not fair. And it simply shouldn't be an issue. 

Yes, sure, I completely understand not wanting to get blood all over the pristine, white sheets you just changed. I understand the feeling of your womb trying to tear itself away from your body and how it completely hinders your desire to do anything, let alone have sex. I understand the worry that comes along with your partner taking one look at the massacre down there and running 10 000 miles back up that metaphorical hill. I understand the societal stigma that has attached itself so firmly to the concept of period sex being a dirty act of general grossness.

And, through this all, I can see how it has created an entire wad of young people far too ashamed to try new, edgy (I went there) things. 

I get it. But get this – SEX ON YOUR PERIOD IS A-OKAY. Sex on your period is not gross. Sex on your period is not going to cause you immense pain. Sex on your period shouldn't make a decent partner bugger off back up any hill – in fact, according to a study conducted by, more than three-quarters of men are actually quite chill with it. 

Also, back me up here, isn't it ridiculously frustrating that our natural bodily functions are considered gross and disgusting? That assumption is so debilitating to our existence as women. It's almost as if something so normal to our everyday (or once-a-month) lives makes our once desired bodies instantly shameful and unwanted. How about NO. How about we debunk this stigma immediately?

If that EMPOWERING statement wasn't enough to send you into a manic anger attack to protest your sudden love of period sex, then listen to this: Sex on your period has a loooong list of medically proven benefits. 

Here are just a few of many:

  1. Having sex on your period is proven to, possibly, shorten the length of your period. What woman wouldn't that?
  2. Orgasms can alleviate those nasty cramps. And we all know that orgasms are a lot more fun than swallowing pills or waddling around with a heated bean bag strapped to your hips.
  3. You won't need lube. How amazing are our bodies for helping us out naturally here? 
  4. It's really not that messy. Often the actual act of sex temporarily alleviates that crimson tide's gushing flow. WHOOP.

Whilst all of these reasons, hopefully, make sex on your period a heck of a lot more appealing, don't take it as an excuse to stop using the appropriate levels of protection. Using a condom is helpful to prevent a large amount of blood getting into places it may not want to be anyway, but be aware that STI's and the possibility of pregnancy are not suddenly omitted whilst on your period! Always practice safe sex, no matter the time of month, sexual position, or situation. 

Now get out there, with bloody bits and all, and have fun!